7 Nov, 2012

Good day, my friends!

I am now on my 5th day of the adventure called A 30-day-of-a-30. And I am traveling around one of the most exotic and historic countries in Southeast Asia, no less than Vietnam!

I have actually been here for 5 years but I have been staying in HCMC 98% of the time. This is the chance to see the beauty of the other towns and cities. ;-).

Why 30 days? Coz I have just turned 30! It’s a big number!

This month, I will definitely be updating you daily as the name herdailydigest implies ;-). You can see me posting on Her Daily Digest Travel of FB, @herdailydigest on Twitter and Instagram. From time to time, I upload some clips on YouTube too.

So why am I telling you these? I really want you to accompany me, maybe not physically but at least in spirit! 😉 On a serious note, if you do follow me, I am sharing beautiful photos from my trips and you will also receive some travel tips. You might also find me grumbling about some inconvenience experiences along the way but most of the time you will read the things I like, love,and appreciate. If something is really disappointing I will write that too. I believe it is good to let people know all the good and the bad if we are to share information. Although I am already a little bit biased as I only go to places I know I like.

My goal is to complete my book in 30 days after my 30-day-trip. Oh yes! A book! This is what excites me the most.

Don’t hesitate to ask to comment or ask questions.

Wherever , whenever, drop me a HI. I am always here 🙂


First Stop: Hanoi

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