Weasel or Civet coffee is the most expensive special coffee. A cup of authentic weasel or civet coffee may cost between $35 and $100. How come?

Blame it on its unique production process. I’ve learned that the process is so complex. Basically the coffee beans are collected from weasels. These cat-looking animals eat ripe coffee cherries then excrete the coffee beans. The farmers then collect these beans which are covered in poop, wash and dry them, before roasting them. This sounds gross I know but you’d be surprised people do drink weasel coffee as it’s “tasty” and “less acidic”. Apparently, the undigested coffee beans have got lots of health benefits.

In 2012, I came up-close to how these things are processed in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. I traveled to Da Lat with my little adventurer-Ram. So we went to these coffee plantations off Da Lat. They did everything there- from picking up the cat poop to roasting to bringing coffee on the table. I had a cup of authentic weasel coffee, Ram had a taste of it and we hung around until late afternoon. The guide was knowledgeable and spoke good English, it was an afternoon of learning and relaxing.

There’s a lot of debate about animal rights and welfare, and I think it’s better to buy from plantations that collect weasel or civet cat poop from the wild. Coffee sourced from them taste better too as the animals are not stressed.

Weasel or civet coffee is most popularly known as Kopi Lowak thanks to Bali, Indonesia. But Philippines has it too. In the north, it is called Kape Alamid and here, in the south it is Kape Melo or Kape Musang. In my home city, Cagayan de Oro, Coffeeholic serves Kape Musang. Serious coffee lovers always look for civet coffee, specially the health conscious coffeeholics.

Have you tried it? I dare you to.

That’s Ram’s face after having a taste. He thought it was too bitter. That was his first coffee experience 😉

My delicious cup of Weasel coffee

Poop collected from the farm

Half-filled sack of the special coffee beans

A weasel from the farm