Solo travel is truly an empowering and life-changing adventure that can teach you a lot of valuable lessons in life. From the famous Australian writer Roby Davidson to the inspiring Cheryl Strayed, there have been countless of bold and brave females worldwide, who have found joy, contentment and enlightenment by traveling solo. Whether you’re a mother or a single young woman living in an urban jungle, traveling solo can be very beneficial to your life in many different ways.

For most women, traveling on their own can be scary and overwhelming but once in a lifetime, we all need to make unusual decisions like this in order to grow, learn new things and live life to a completely bigger picture. And conquering your fears is exactly what you need in order to deal with your life easier.

Here are some reasons why women are advised to travel solo once in their lifetime.


  1. It Boosts Your Self- Confidence

When you’re traveling alone, you become more independent and thus build your self-confidence, which will help you overcome your fears and insecurities.  You will, then, get to know how to cope up with unusual things and events that may help you as you live your life. When you are alone, you need to make intricate decisions like where to go and that gives you the ability to trust and learn on your own intuition that gives you better decisions.

  1. It Will Improve Your Self-Determination

By traveling to new place alone, you get something to motivate you to keep going and that inspires you to appreciate your efforts even more.  It is an opportunity for you to gather your own strength to see a bigger world and get out of your comfort zone for at least once of your life.

  1. Meeting Different People Can Change One’s Life

Meeting complete strangers will help you appreciate different kinds of people, which may lead you genuine connections like building new friendships and even long lasting affiliations. Interacting with locals will also enable you to learn new cultures and get to know them better which is a good thing that contributes to your personal development.

  1. Gives New Opportunities

This is in relation to learning new things; traveling solo may enable you to find new opportunities through locals and fellow travelers. There are a lot of travelers in every place and by interacting with others, you get to learn of different occupations which might be new to you and in turn be the dream job you are looking for.

I experienced this when traveling to an island where I met a solo backpacker and I learned that he has been traveling for years and most of his travels are sponsored, I was thrilled to hear about his experiences and this made me want to follow his footsteps.

  1. Learning New Things

When traveling with others, you are forced to stick to a group plan which may prevent you from exploring a place with your own perspective. But when you’re traveling solo, you not only get to choose your own preferences, but you also have the ability to gain new hobbies or passion and even outlook in life.

  1. Think Clearly

Being alone in an unfamiliar setting, you are forced to think clearly and it will serve as a vacation for your brain and soul. It is a time wherein your mindset doesn’t have to focus on various things so you have all your thoughts for yourself. It is a perfect opportunity to rethink about your goals and desires and help you to find answers of your troubles in life.


  1. You’ll Find A Way to Save

When with someone and because of diverse spending habits, you are forced to go or eat somewhere that is out of your will or budget. That is why, solo traveling is a good way to save for other things which sounds more appealing to you.

  1. You have a Complete Freedom to Do What You Want

Another good thing about solo traveling is that you have your own time and you completely decide on everything on your own. In other words, you get to create your own itinerary, without having to consult others. Things like ‘should I go there now’ or ‘shall I stay a little longer’ will let you plan for yourself alone. As there is no one to judge you on the things you’re passionate about, you can be who you are without thinking of others, the people around won’t see you anymore, anyway as you are in a totally different place.

  1. A Great Way to Forget About Your Troubles and Bad Things

By appreciating the things around you, you get to overcome things that you’re struggling with and move on about the sad happenings which will lead you to be more open-minded. Starting new habits independently and seeing a new setting will help you through the process of healing yourself and will make you leave everything behind.

Traveling solo is my way of comforting myself from all the troubles and the pressures brought about my work and. Knowing that when I come back, the difficulty will still be there but at least once in my life, I have learned to be at peace with myself and that changes my perception of things.

  1. An Effective Way in Finding Yourself

Having the opportunity to travel alone gives you the chance to discover more about yourself. You’ll get to discover your true passions, and as you are seeing the world in a bigger picture, you get to know of the things you want to accomplish in this lifetime. You will also have the chance to know more about your strengths and weaknesses.

So the next time you have a feel of doubt about yourself, open your travel planner, book a trip where you have never been before,  and start packing your things. Don’t worry about being scared because that would be the last thing you’ll feel when you’re there. You deserve some quality time for yourself, and it will not only make you reinvent yourself, but will let you experience a memorable trip that’s worthy and life- changing.

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Jason Biondo is a fitness buff and travel junkie who loves to share insightful tips to his fellow health enthusiasts and travelers. He is also a User Interface Developer Consultant and the founder of Trekeffect.