One of the activities you should never miss when visiting the UAE is spending a day and or night at the desert. This was my family’s first excursion- an unforgettable fun experience.

A van picked us up in front of Sharjah City Centre around 4pm. Before reaching the desert, there was a stop over for a quick shopping where we bought our head scarves. We arrived at the desert an hour before sunset, transferred to a 4×4 then the exhilarating dune bashing began. My kids and I were seated at the back and my husband was in the front seat then there were three other people inside the desert car with us. We were laughing and screaming as the car went up and down the dunes like we were in a roller coaster ride yet when you look out of window, the desert seemed so quiet, so still. I am from a place where nature directly translates trees but the desert has given me a different perspective and above all, a refreshing emptiness in the midst of nothingness which ironically left me full in awe. It was also amazing to see a convoy of land cruisers that I wished I had a Go Pro then- I could have videoed the scene.

Then we arrived at our destination and I quickly set my Nikon’s ISO nice and low for the golden hour. I clicked many at a time of the tents, camels, falcons, people but I didn’t get enough. I thought it should have been called golden minutes 😉

Finally, the buffet dinner. We were entertained by the desert performers while having our meal, check my videos here:

Desert Safari Videos

There were other activities too like camel riding, henna painting, quad biking, and sand skiing which I didn’t manage to do but that could be for my next desert safari tour.

TIPS!We definitely recommend this as your first choice of activity when you’re visiting Dubai or Abu Dhabi. There are just few things you need to remember:

  1. Take care of your head. It’s fun and all but if you hit your head hard many times during dune bashing, it’s not fun at all.
  2. Seat belt on. Ask that the kids be seated in the middle, not at the back. I should have done this you know.
  3. Take a camera with you even if you have a nice phone. It’s really worth it!
  4. Bring food. They might serve dinner late and when you’re  too hungry, there’s no cafe or restaurant around to eat. Everyone has to wait for dinner time.
  5. There are a lot of desert safari deals online that you can choose from. I bought our voucher from Groupon. There are also good deals on Entertainer , so if you have a friend who has this book  just ask her/him for some some pages for your to use.

Have a great time at the desert!

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