Most of my friends associate October with Octoberfest, the season for tasting or drinking beer, or the second “-ber month”, which is two months before Christmas. Well it is one of the months that I look forward to but not because of those reasons.

October is particularly special to me because it is my birth month. For me, it’s an exciting month! It is going to be a long celebration which I will savor each day like watching a slow mo on TV.  It’s like a scene when man and woman run into each other’s arms at the beach, ending with the woman being lifted by the man with her hair swayed by the sea breeze. Cheesy, right? But I want each moment to be like that,  while I still can, and how will I do it?

A daily selfie for 31 days-my very last days of being 31!


I must admit: the first year of my fourth decade on this planet has been nothing but stupendous! Indeed we can’t plan life but I would like to see clearly on my selfies what ADDS to my life so I would spend more time on them on my second year of 30s. More importantly, I’d like to keep an online memory of my thoughts and my photos,  save them and make this a tradition every month before birthday. I know this requires a lot of commitment which I have already resolved I will and so when am 80 or 90 with all the remembering problems, the photos will bring me back different emotions like happiness, rage, disappointment but hopefully more of the happiness part! If you can do this too, we can have a GRANNY CLUB!

The generation of bloggers and of selfies- this is it and I am on this bandwagon. Others frown upon us like we are sort of nerds and uncool people in their 30s or 40s or 50s but really, we will look back and when we are all wrinkled with false teeth we’d realized we had lived ‘those years’. LOLS, I am having a laugh while typing these things. Seriously, I am no longer scared of getting old.

31 Selfie Ways has been launched and I am on my 4th one!