Say skiing and you’ll picture the snow, the slopes and the gears. and obviously you would think of Scotland, Canada, the USA, Austria or New Zealand. Not in the Middle East, right?


The UAE, our new home, has got a ski resort-SKI DUBAI and it’s not just a ski resort. It’s an “indoor ski resort with 22,500 sq.m ski area which  features an 85-meter-high indoor mountain with 5 slopes, including a 400-metre-long run, the world’s first indoor black run, and various features (boxes, rails, kickers) that are changed on a regular basis” says Wiki.

Being inexperienced (and ignorant) and curious, we decided to book the Discovery Lesson for the kids. We booked it online and printed out the confirmation. The printout says we have to be there 45 minutes before the lesson begins. We foolishly ignored this note and arrived 25′ to 2PM, the lesson time. That turned out to be a big mistake!

By the time we got there, other kids who had signed up for the same lesson were halfway done putting on their gears. Us? We had to beg the staff in-charge to let us in. Mind you, they don’t do refund for missed bookings, another note I’d almost forgotten.

Luckily we succeeded.Given a very short time, we were allowed to grab the jacket, pants, boots, helmets, fleece socks and the skis. Those stuff were  part of the 150AED we’d shelled out. We had to buy the gloves but they were for just 10AED.

Moving like “The Flash”, 30 minutes and we’re done. The class of 12 had to wait for my boys. Five minutes late for the lesson, and at least five kg heavier because of the gears, my boys were all smiles before joining their first skiing lesson.

This photo clearly captured mixed emotions: anxiety and excitement!


What did I do while waiting for them? I only sat in the massive waiting/ changing area by the entrance gate of the resort. Other parents did the same although some of them went for a coffee and cheesecake at the nearby posh cafe, Cheesecake Factory.

After an hour, my juniors were back. All smiles and full of excitement to tell me about their new adventures.


My personal tips would be:


1. Book it online. Do it at least 48 hours earlier. And if you can, avoid the weekend.

2. Wear a sweatshirt and jeans, preferably not baggy ones. You need not bring gloves, they’re sold at a cheap price.

3. Be at the entrance gate at least an hour earlier.

4.  Don’t forget the printout of your booking and a valid ID too.

5. If you’re not joining the lesson, bring a book or a gadget. Or be ready to spend on some snacks at Cheese Factory.


If you fancy trying this, here’s their website: http://www.skidubai.com/ski-dubai/advice/

And here’s some good info and advice: http://www.dubai-forever.com/ski-dubai.html