Our week started with a fabulous experience- cruising on a yacht! I have been on several boats before but this one was something special as it is a private yacht and all aboard were just my family and the crew.

At first, I was a little bit unsure whether to take this trip or not as sunset cruise was always booked and the thought of waking up too early for the sunrise cruise made me a bit hesitant. But my boys were all game for it and the sound of cruising Dubai on a private yacht was so posh it’s hard to let this opportunity pass. So yes! We made the trip.

At 4am, the Al Wasl’s van (if a Toyota Previa is called such) picked us up and we were then on our way to Dubai. Forty-five minutes later, we were at Dubai Marina, at the dock and was greeted by the crew.

The yacht is called Al Shu Jaat -7, a 50-feet beauty painted in white. We did a brief tour in its cabins- one big one at the center and one smaller one on each side. There’s the shower, a mini bar, a pantry and a spacious lounge with a flat screen TV right behind the captain’s corner, the cockpit. The yacht, we’ve been told, can cater to up to 17 guests.


“Safety first”, we were reminded. So before we were allowed to go to the upper deck, they gave the kids life jackets. We made our way to the fore hatch as next to it was a huge cushion where we sat on as the craft braved the waves from Gulf.


The cruise started few moments after. The sun was barely up but the lights from a chain of restaurants, cafes and apartments in the area gave that dawn-like feeling, making our passage through the docks easier. Once we’re out, we could see the horizon’s color starting to change rapidly. After a few minutes, the sun made its way up and the skyline was beautiful!

What did we like about the cruise?

Well,each of us have different answers.

Hubsy enjoyed taking photos of our experience. Most of the photos posted on this blogpost are his. What made it spectacular for him was catching a fish. That was his first catch in his entire life. Haha!

Kuya’s was the fishing part too.

But Ram’s the sleeping part. Who wouldn’t like to sleep with the sound of waves in the background?

As for me, I love the scenes. I was just enjoying the moment. While looking at the sea, I even fell asleep (LOLS) and one of the crew would wake me up and say ‘ Ma’am , we’re now at Burj Al Arab!’ and I was up again. A Bengali guy was assigned as our tour guide. He pointed to us the sites like the station of SkyDive Dubai, The Taj Extotica, Kempinski Hotel, Atlantis, Buej Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the beaches, the royals’ islands, and Lagoon Beach.

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Do you want to see the facilities they have in the yacht?

It was very enjoyable for the entire family. If you ask me what I think they should have to make the experience better? Ah, for a family trip, I wish they have food inside where we could order. I wish they had coffee 😉 They have drinks inside- soda and water which was great.

Our review?


Facilities: 8/10

Drop and pick up facility: 9/10

Service: 10/10

Cleanliness and Safety: 9/10

Value for Money: 10/10

Overall: 9/10

By the way, this guy is awesome!


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I hope you enjoyed our post!