Having lived most of my life in SouthEast Asia, I had never seen dates being sold in the supermarkets and yes, I had never eaten dates before coming to the Middle East.


In one of my IELTS classes, a student who is from Saudi Arabia brought dates and coffee. My first taste of the fruity fudgy snack was heavenly, I instantly got addicted to it. From then on, dates have been a part of our shopping list. I’ve tried not to eat too much because of the calories but it has got health benefits too. I’ve tried the dates in UAE, which are also good, but for me, the ones from KSA are the best!


Last weekend, after more than a couple of attempts, we finally made it to the Global Village. Guess which pavilion we visited first? KSA’s of course… To buy dates!

Have you tried eating dates?




(All photos were taken using an iPhone)