by Catherine Lavinia

Hiring ski equipment is certainly not for everyone – when you’re in the airport terminal waiting for your flight into the snow-capped mountains, you will undoubtedly see plenty of people lugging skis, snowboards and boots through the check-in queues. But is this the right route to choose for your own needs?

While buying equipment can be a great investment, particularly

if you’re going to use them often enough to achieve value for money, it’s no wonder plenty of skiers and boarders choose to hire their gear instead. Whether you’re skiing in France, Switzerland, Canada or elsewhere, the availability of hire shops in all the major resorts mean that, wherever you go, hiring your kit and saving yourself the baggage is always an option.

One of the many reasons why people choose to hire the equipment rather than buy it is because of the lack of experience of the activity. What would be the point in spending money on equipment that you may not use very often? Buying skis, poles, boots and boards can be incredibly expensive, while the upkeep of them can cost, too. Many winter holidaymakers choose to hire the gear because they don’t have to worry about the maintenance and they won’t have to spend much to hire them either.

If you do decide to hire the kit that you require, try and organise the hire of them in advance. You can often plan this through your tour operator so that you take advantage of any early bird discounts, meaning that all you have to do once you arrive is have the kit fitted and adjusted.

Also keep an eye out for any offers that may be available through your tour operator. Many provide some awesome deals, depending on the resort you are booking to stay in. For example, free helmets are sometimes supplied, or you can get 2for1 deals on your equipment, helping you to save money wherever possible – meaning all you have to worry about is having a super time on the slopes!