While waiting for my turn at a clinic, I was flicking and flipping my phone to kill the time. That was hopefully my last visit. I’ve been drinking water. Good thing the doctor said I was 100% well and that I have  to keep drinking water not to be dehydrated again. Even if I don’t go out on a blazing sun, the chiller at home can still get you dehydrated. I’m sure I will adapt sooner if not later.

Anyhow, as I was saying, while I was waiting for my number to be flashed on the screen, I edited a few photos on my phone. Thank God for smartphones- we never run out of something to do. I really find using it more convenient than my DSLR. The photos below are the second batch of my first tour in Dubai. If you enjoyed looking at Exploring the Old Dubai I , then am sure will enjoy this too. I was up to something real, you know, something authentic or old. Our friends Djuli and Dave had shown us their favorite spot and here we were:


Dubai isn’t called ‘City of Gold’ for nothing. I passed by the world’s biggest ring but there were a lot of tourists taking photos of it. I’ll be back for that ring.


Mostly just passing through. I did see a couple of them buy something 😉


My son gushed ‘Why do they call me ‘my friend’, mom?’ as these guys always greeted ‘Hello, my friend’ and others recognised we were Filipinos they went on ‘Kumusta, pare’.


An old building with shops on the ground floor.


One of the hotels with a touch of Emirati architecture- the wind tower.


Anyone wants a FRESH LAMP for dinner? 😀


Beautiful designs and colors


This could make any house grander 🙂 If I ever own a house, am gonna decorate it with these.


A house at the Fishermen’s Village

wpid-D10.png wpid-D6.png

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