How do you choose a hotel/ resort to stay ? Are there any reliable websites that give you advice on where to stay on a holiday? Do they, more or less, give you the info or feedback that you need?

Where did we hear it first?

Well, first off, I am present on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, and here -Wordpress so I get a chance to read what people think and say about a place. Where did I first hear about Allezboo? From a friend and she had mentioned a great deal that made me quite interested about the resort. Then there was this promotion from Agoda that I received through email. I clicked the link and voila! A  huge discount for Allezboo. People have written varied comments from OK to Fantastic, with over 500 reviews they scored 8.

Oh yes! My family is going to stay here for the long weekend. Why not?

First Impressions

We arrived at 1-ish, all excited! The kids have already given positive remarks right after we got off from the bus. We were greeted by two lovely ladies in their Ao Dai. They asked for my name and said they had been expecting for us. Another staff served us something to drink- orange juice- so refreshing! She said:

You have reserved a Deluxe Room for your family and we have upgraded it to a Gardenview Suite!

Ha! I would never say no to that. I thought that was unexpected and just great!

Oh, bother! The excitement  went down from Everest to Atlantis when we found out that there was no water in the room. They were still fixing the pipes! One of the worst nightmares was when the kiddos needed to use the bathroom . With kids, there’s no such thing as NO when nature calls unlike us adults who could hold it for hours. I don’t really want to dis all the info, I’d leave to on your imagination on what went down with the V-family with the bathroom problem.  The water did start running before the clock turned to 6. Whew!  Thank God!


The bath!


The bed.



The mini-kitchen.


@ Allezboo

@ Allezboo







Swimming Pool. The water wasn’t flowing. It was dirty.


Toiletries. No shaving kit. Shampoo and bath gel bottles were not filled up.

No gym.



It was more than what we expected. We loved our room.  Great value for money! Oh, we paid way lower than what normal guests would ever pay for the accommodation with breakfast buffet! We thought we had fun in the resort. Overall, it’s 8/10.

Allezboo Beach Resort & Spa
8 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien, 
Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, Viet Nam

Tel: (84 62) 3743777

Fax: (84 62) 3741999




Which hotel in Mui Ne would you recommend?