So sweet, they gave her a cake! <3

So sweet, they gave her a cake and a loli! ❤

‘See u @ Bobby Chinn’s’  was the sms that I received one Sunday to celebrate my friend’s birthday. As soon as I got off the taxi, I went to Bobby Chinn and on the glass panels, the text was now Bon Bon Restaurant. Later I learned from their fabulous service crew, Vanessa, that the name had been changed a month ago. Now, there’s that regret- I have never seen Mr. Bobby Chinn in person while he was in Saigon, when I had the chance! :-s 

I was handed the Bobby Chinn’s menu. I flipped over it and believe me, I had never spent more than 10 minutes reading a menu. I was chuckling and rereading …OMG, it’s just hilarious! My friends and I had a good laugh. FUN! Here, have a look.

‘In the unlikely event of a terrorist hostage- taking situation in this restaurant, please …’
‘Sea: Cold-blooded seawater creatures that didn’t have a chance or even a clue! Air: But they spent a little too much time on land and not enough in the air. Then there is Bird Flu.Land: Dumb cows that thought they were living in India or something. Lambs that had no idea about Islam.’
The RULES ;-)
The RULES 😉 : ‘Also, this restaurant is non smoking, please smoke at outside, feel free to fart there also.’

They still serve foods from this menu, that’s the good news. For those who are new in Saigon, here’s the info:

Bon Bon Restaurant

39 Lê Duẩn, Bến Nghé  Ho Chi Minh City

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Photo by Bon Bon Restaurant

Photo by Bon Bon Restaurant