Somebody very wise told me that when you travel, you don’t really remember places but you remember the people who were with you in those places.

Not many people have traveled to Kazakhstan much less in Atyrau and I am one of the few people who have experienced being in the place, being with their people- which is the best thing about this country.


Celebrating Nauryz (Traditional holiday of Spring, ancient Turkic New Year) last March 22 with the hospitable and warm people of Kazakhstan. We were inside a tent with lots of food and I tasted them all.


Buying my pair of Gucci sunnies at Dinah Bazaar with Nazgul. Look at the happy seller in the middle, she knew what glasses fit my round pretty (pssst, no reaction needed) face.  They aren’t genuine of course but good enough to protect me from the blazing sun.


With Baubek and Azamat at the famous Mahambet Square. The photos were taken after walking for almost an hour trying to find the Western Union in Atyrau.


At the museum in Atyrau with Nurzhau. He was kind enough to chaperon me one beautiful Saturday afternoon. The one he’s pointing at wss his grandfather- one of the heroes in Kazakhstan.


This photo was taken outside a Kazakh restaurant called Kimizhana.


They were so sweet, they gifted me with a box of chocolates and some souvenirs. You see, it is really hard to forget them!


They are all so dear to me. Asel gave me delicious cupcakes before I flew back to Vietnam and I just felt so special.


Find me in the photo! 😉 I kept wondering how come most of the ladies wore something red. The guys wore something blue and we all had something black that day.


It would never be complete without the jump shot! 🙂


 Lovers spend their time here and “lock their promises” for each other at the Walking Bridge. The best moment to be here  is during the full moon. Romantic!


This was very bright for a 7-ish pm. They say that if you come here later in the evening, you’d enjoy the scenes with the lights coming  from houses, buildings and streets.

936604_10151556659132453_566186751_nI don’t know when or if I’m going back to Kazakhstan but  I will def meet some if not all of them again one day…


‘ I ❤ Atyrau’ , what else can I say?