It was the last day of the Year of the Dragon and where else would we want to spend our morning? Most businesses in Vietnam are closed during this time of the Lunar year. So we went to (drum roll)

The Crescent Mall 🙂

There was a lion dance inside the mall. Giant supermarket was swarmed by the last-minute shoppers while the rest of floors were almost empty. My boys had decided which restaurant to go to- MOF but their kitchen was closed so we opted for Nana’s Crepes instead. 



We already knew what to order:



Hubsy had #21 and the boys and I had Ham and Cheese. Which number is that? 😉







More reasons to go back to the place:




More info about the place?

Nana’s Crepes


What we thought of the place?



A picture paints a hundred words 😉

Thanks for reading!

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