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Oh yes I did. And it’s ParkRoyal’s fault!

It’s one of those days when my family would spend quality time away from home, except that this time, we were just a few miles from it. Feeding my Angry Worms wasn’t part of the plan. Never was. In fact, the first thing I’d wanted to do was try their state-of-the-art treadmills so as soon as I got out of the elevator, I turned left, walked towards the door leading to the gym. I was going to open the door when I got hooked at the cafe. And in such a rare occasion, I overstayed at the Garden Brassiere! Blame it on Park Royal’s design, you need to pass by it before you reach the pool, then the gym.



At first, I thought I would just have my usual morning duo- coffee and bread. I grew up having them for breakfast. But no, the banquet was just too tempting- three layers of fresh fruit at the entrance, a lovely selection of luscious juice bar at the center, an L-shaped long table filled with scrumptious food, a cooking cart at the left corner where Vietnamese delicacies and waffles await. I can tell you what I had. On that fateful morning and the next. But I can only remember these.

The Macho Carbo group:



Bread of all types – baguette, bagel, croissant, banana, roll, muffin, whole wheat and white- were generously displayed together with all sorts of spread- jam (pineapple, raspberry, strawberry), butter, chocolate, cheese, and peanut butter. Standing proud was a bread toaster. All of them were waving their hands at me so I obliged 😀

East-West delights:



My Malaysian and Indonesian favorites, nasi lemak and goreng were just right next to the buns and chicken curry! Chinese dumplings and familiar Korean veggies were laid next to sausages, hotdogs and bacons. Protein feast it was!


The Healthy  Treat:


Fruits, juices and greens were there to set the balance. Fresh tropical fruit, dragon fruit, bananas, peaches, apples, pears and longans were elegantly positioned around a two-floor round table. Behind it was a great selection of fresh juices- orange, pineapple, grapefruit, guava, watermelon and raspberry. A bountiful line up of salad greens completed the collection but I’d had ‘too much on my plate’ so they had to wait till my next round.



I didn’t visit this section until the second day. You can’t blame me-I eat pho, huu tieu and bun bo hue almost every day. But oh, a pile of heavenly waffles and pancakes were placed just next to the Vietnamese delights! Again, I had to give in. Fellow diners were standing next to me as a standby chef made their eggs and dumplings. The aromatic noodle soup was too tempting I had to hurry up to our table to finally start eating.



Well, finally, there I was. Sitting comfortably, tantalized by my first cup of coffee and first plate of sinfully tasty food! In a matter of seconds, I did break my diet!


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Text by JC. @kingceejay is an amateur artist, a novice father and an expert teacher based in Saigon. When not in the classroom, he spends quality time with his family traveling, checking out places in HCMC or trying to trim down.

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