15 facts About Mumbai, India

by Nicky @rocksstar10 ; http://thenickyblog.com/


Mumbai, the capital city of the state of Maharashtra and the financial capital of India has been my home for the past 20 years. Being born and brought up here has obviously made this city absolutely close to my heart. Here I’ll share a few facts about my beautiful city – Mumbai!


1. Mumbai was originally named “Bombay”. The name was changed in 1995. The name “Mumbai” is derived from Mumba or Maha-Amba — the name of a Koli goddess and “Aai”, which means “mother” in the language of Marathi (which happens to be my mother tongue :))


2. Mumbai can get really crowded in the evenings since most people head out to unwind after a long day at work. Mumbai is also the most populous city in India.


3. Mumbai is a melting pot of many communities and cultures. Hence, Mumbai is always buzzing with different festivals, celebrations and cultural activities. The city of Mumbai never sleeps! 🙂


4. People of Mumbai love food. Right from street food to fine dining, Mumbai has it all.  Especially, Mohammad Ali road in South Mumbai offers mouth watering non-vegetarian, vegetarian food as well as sweet food items to satiate the foodie in you! You’ll find a huge variety in the food all over Mumbai, right from North Indian to South Indian!

mohammad ali road food


5. Mumbai has malls everywhere! These malls are frequent hang out places for families and friends.

6. If you love shopping, Linking road in Bandra should be your destination! You can find everything from international brands to affordable local goods here. There is a mix of brand outlets, street-side carts and regular shops that sell a variety of clothes and a wide range of accessories.


7. For short distances, people of Mumbai travel by auto rickshaws. Auto rickshaws operate only in the suburban areas of Mumbai, while taxis operate throughout Mumbai. Taxi and auto rickshaw drivers are mostly male (though there are a few women taxi drivers for women-only taxis!) 🙂 Everybody calls the male taxi/rickshaw drivers as “bhaiyya” which means “brother” in Hindi.


8. Hindi is the most spoken language in Mumbai (since Hindi is the national language of India). But since Mumbai attracts migrants from all over India, you’ll hear a wide range of languages here!


9. Trains are the most preferred mode of transport for long distances in Mumbai. But be careful, it gets very very crowded during rush hours. There are separate compartments for women only 🙂


10. Bollywood – India’s huge film industry is based in Mumbai!


11. Considering Mumbai’s population, the traffic will move slowly in the evenings and help you increase your patience 😛


12. Chowpatty beach and Juhu beach are popular places to enjoy the sun, the sea and the sand.


13. Marine Drive is a ‘C’-shaped six-lane concrete road along the coast of Arabian Sea. It is also known as the ‘Queen’s Necklace’ because if viewed at night from an elevated point anywhere along the drive, the street lights resemble a string of pearls like a breathtaking necklace. It is a major tourist attraction of Mumbai!



14. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai is located in the area of Borivali. The rich flora and fauna of Sanjay Gandhi National Park attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. The natural environment, the greenery, the forests, lakes, and fresh air will help you relax. It provides a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the main city 🙂


15. People of Mumbai are warm, friendly and always ready to help!


So, if you’re planning to visit Mumbai, don’t forget to go to the places I mentioned here! 🙂

Credit for Marine drive image: http://my.opera.com/Amiraj/albums/showpic.dml?album=3614822&picture=52404092
Credit for Mohammad ali road food pic: http://onewaybombay.wordpress.com/2010/09/27/eid-on-mohammed-ali-road/


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