15 Facts about Nha Trang City

by: Diem Khanh

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Nha Trang is my mother’s hometown. Growing up there, I have always loved Nha Trang City in the province of Khanh Hoa and I visit this place every year. I am very lucky to have had a chance to discover Nha Trang, enjoy its culture and cuisine with local people. These ‘15 facts’ are from my own experience. Enjoy!!


1)      Nha Trang beach has been ranked highly in many lists of top beach destinations. For example, Nha Trang beach was on the top three beaches in the online survey carried out by Expedia.com.au in 2011.


2)      Locals  love to swim on the beach at dawn or between 5 to 6 AM.


3)      Local people can park their motorbikes and bicycles in the pavement by the beach without worries of losing their vehicles.


4)      Beside some well-known islands in Nha Trang such as Hon Tam, Hon Mun, Hon Tre, etc, there are also a lot of islands which are barely inhabited. If you have enough guts, you can take a visit to play Robinson Crusoe on a deserted island.


5)      Po Nagar festival is rated as one of 16 national festivals in Vietnam and takes place from 21st to 23rd March every Lunar year in Nha Trang.


6)      The Vinpearl Cable Car, which is 3320 meters long,  is the longest over-water cable car in the world. Remember to try it when you want to visit Vinpearl Land and prepare to be amazed by the feeling of floating and looking at the poetic landscape from the height of 60 meters.


7)      In rural areas of NhaTrang, there are still some stores selling Bánh Ướt (steamed flat cake) which is probably the cheapest street food in Vietnam: 500VND/dish.


8)      Tran Phu Street is considered the most popular and most beautiful street in NhaTrang. There are so many hotels on this street as tourists only need to walk across the street then they can reach the beach.


9)      People in Nha Trang go to bed quite early. Only the central part of the city and bars are still crowded at night.


10)  One stunning noodle dish in Nha Trang is Jellyfish Rice Noodle (Bun Sua).  It is cooked with special local rice noodle that is only found in Nha Trang. This dish is well-known for not using meat soup, but fish soup instead. The sweet taste together with crispy pieces of jellyfish makes it one of the must-try dishes in NhaTrang.



11)  Local people call plastic bag as “bị” which sounds a little bit odd to hear for people from other regions.


12)  Standing at the entrance into NhaTrang is the one and only high and majestic Twin Tree (Scientific name: Dipterocarpaceae). The tree of two-winged fruit has this name because it is divided into two huge trunks at the stump. It is 30 meters high, over 200 years old and is considered as a symbol of strength of the land and people living here.

13)  Visiting Hon Tam of Nha Trang on Tet holiday, you will be amazed by the beauty of Hoa Do Mai (Gliricidiasepium flower) that is planted along the rock slope. These beautiful flowers are pink like cherry blossoms and, interestingly, can be cooked as a salad dish with oil vinegar.

14)  Đầm Market is the biggest market located in center of Nha Trang. It’s well-known for the outstanding architecture. You can find all specialties and souvenirs here; just remember to bargain for the best price. 


15)  If you ask senior citizens in NhaTrang “What is the color of the ocean?”, they will answer “The color of the ocean is the color of the sky”.



I hope you find my post interesting and visit Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa soon, and probably, vote and comment on my post. 


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