My hubsy loves the burgers at Burger King. My kiddos just want to eat anything from there. We used to drive a long way to the airport to eat at Burger King, once or twice a month.  This has changed just a few couple of days ago when they put up one branch at our apartment building. Just one click of the lift’s button, and maybe 20 steps to its door and Voila! Burger King!


A day after their opening, we queued up and my kids got what they wanted except for me. My favorite happens to be the Hershey’s Sundae Pie and apparently the service crew told me they had run out of the pies. 

So I came back this morning, hoping it’s already there but NO. Hershey’s Sundae Pie will only be available next month. Well then, I will have to wait.


It’s still one happy news! They are already in Phu My Hung ( Distrcit 7, HCMC, Vietnam). So if you live here or are visiting this area, BK is just at the corner of Nguyen Duc Canh and Nguyen Van Linh Streets. It’s easy to spot on as it’s at the center of the busiest intersection of Phu My Hung. Nearby are Lotteria, Carl’s Jr. and Texas Chicken.

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Burger King has also got a Facebook Fan Page :