15 Facts about Phu My Hung, Vietnam

By: June Lee


1) Aka ‘Saigon South’, it’s located in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City, south of downtown District 1.

2) It’s an urban area developed by a joint venture between Taiwanese and Vietnamese groups.

3) Most residents are either expats or of the upper-socio-economic Vietnamese demographic.

4) The central PMH area radiates from the Nguyen Van Linh / Bui Bang Doan intersection, but has also expanded to the southeast along Nguyen Luong Bang Street.

5) It’s just like home (give or take a little). From international fast food joints like Carl’s Junior, Lotteria, and the recent addition, Burger King, to 3D mega-cinemas, to shopping centers like Lotte Mart and the Crescent Mall, there’s plenty of the ‘developed world’ here to keep you from feeling too homesick, at least for a little while.

6) Not yet ready to get on a motorbike? You can travel within PMH or even within HCMC for nearly nothing. Use the red Lotte Mart shuttlebus (free!) to get around within PMH, or take the Cityview shuttlebus to go to Dong Khoi street in District 1 for a measly 15,000vnd. If you feel more daring, try the large or small city buses for around 5,000vnd a ticket. (See the HCMC bus routes here: http://www.buyttphcm.com.vn/admin/Images/sodotuyen2012-09-19.jpg)

7) Looking for a place to take a romantic little stroll? Try the man-made ‘lake’ and ‘star’ bridge behind Crescent Mall. The bridge walkway is adorned with little lights that come on at night, hence its namesake.


8) Want to see more of the local life? Try Tan My open market, just north of FV hospital on Nguyen Luong Bang street. It’s open all day, but liveliest in the early morning.

9) Like trying foreign cuisine? There’s Australian, French, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Singaporean, Thai, Vietnamese, and more!

10) Looking for quality groceries? A favorite for locals is the Coop-Mart, for its relatively lower prices. It can get quite crowded though, which is why many expats seem to prefer the Lotte Mart supermarket or Giant (in the basement of Crescent Mall).

11) Need a time out? PMH (and the rest of HCMC, for that matter) is spa heaven! No particular recommendations here, as most of them seem to have pretty good service, although there may be a few that are overpriced in comparison to the rest.

12) Got kids? There are plenty of other kids in PMH who might be going to school with yours at one of the numerous international schools here. There’s American, Australian, British, Canadian, Korean, Taiwanese, and several others, as well as an Australian university (RMIT).


13) Got a furry friend? So do a good number of the PMH residents, and they love bringing them out to mingle with each other. There are also a couple of pet grooming/pet care centers, a vet, and even a ‘doggy café’ where you (not the dog) sit back with a coffee while your pup munches on treats or plays with other visiting pups.

14) Keen on learning a second language? There are a couple of Vietnamese language schools, several English schools, and one or two that teach Korean or Chinese.

15) Need to get in shape? Although most of the larger apartments have their own mini-gyms, perhaps you would feel more motivated to exercise if you actually paid for a membership. Many of the gyms offer dance/yoga/pilates classes, and there are also places where you can wall-climb, learn martial arts, play tennis, swim, and golf.


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