15 facts about Jakarta, Indonesia

by Veve Kristanti @ekrist ; http://v-in-v.blogspot.com/ Ekrist n Terracotta Warrior

1. What is the world’s most active Twitter city? Surprisingly it is Jakarta, Indonesia! See link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/victorlipman/2012/12/30/the-worlds-most-active-twitter-city-you-wont-guess-it/?utm_campaign=forbestwittersf&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social

 2. More and more Jakartans have two phones and one of them is BlackBerry.

 3. The best time to enjoy Jakarta is during Idul Fitri (Eid al-Fitr)Muslim Holiday when most of Jakartans are away. The city is quiet,MONAS Monumen Nasional or National Monument in Jakarta - Copy less polluted, less congested and we can see the blue sky!

 4. During Idul Fitri Muslim Holiday, hotels in Jakarta are occupied by families whose domestic helper/babysitter is away for the festive season.

 5. Friday evening is the worst time to bet in the business district.  Rain will make traffic worse; heavy rain may cause flood and heavier traffic.

 6. A few minutes after the rain starts, especially in the business districts, many children from the surrounding areas offer their ‘umbrella services’.

 7. Better traffic is expected during school holidays!  However, in general, heavy traffic starts anytime from morning to early evening from Monday to Friday.

 8. The blue taxi, Blue Bird, drives everyone around the city.  It is a reliable taxi company that most people use.

 9. More and more Jakartans like to do “Gowes” which means cycling. On a regular basis, the main street down town is closed on Sunday morning for car-free day.

 10. Shopping malls are the number one destination for family weekend getaway.

 11. Most people in Jakarta (and Indonesia in general) take a shower twice a day (morning and late afternoon/evening) due to sunny weather.

 12. Indomie (instant noodle) with an egg is a simple breakfast consumed by many people at home and work.

 13. Kopi tubruk (black coffee without separating its residue) is still a favorite for many people, especially smokers in Jakarta.

 14. “I don’t feel well, I have ‘masukangin’.” Masuk = to get in. Angin = wind. It is a common Indonesian’s term for saying they are feeling unwell. It is a symptom of getting sick (i.e. feeling dizzy, cold like fever, sick inside stomach, wanting to throw up, having cold sweats etc.)

 15. The newly elected Governor and Vice Governor are well-supported by the Jakartans. The Governor is recently named Third Best Mayor in the World for 2012 by World Mayor Project.


Have you traveled to Jakarta? My family and I went there in 2010. We had spent most of our time in the shopping malls and the best bit was the indoor zip line activity which we all enjoyed! Here are my posts about Jakarta.

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