Vietnam Visa Stamping and Temporary Residence Card Fees

Hello Saigon!

220120122283Totally giving all the credit for all the Visa information I’m sharing here.

For some reason this past month alone, I’ve been getting a lot of queries from fellow Pinoys on how to get Vietnam Visa extension.  And no, not because I have a brother working in the Philippine DFA means that I have knowledge on this.  Just a reminder, the host country — in this case — Vietnam, determines the rules and costs on Visa extension and not the Philippines.

This is the circular released by the government on the Visa Stamping Fee.  It’s in Vietnamese but Owee58, translated it, so am re-sharing below:


1)    Stamping Fee and Resident Cards

Amending And Supplementing The Circular No.66/2009/Tt-Btc, Of March 30, 2009 Of The Ministry Of Finance Stipulating The Regime On Collection, Remittance, Management And Use Of Fees On Passports, Visas…

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