One of the most remarkable people I had met during my 30 Days Around Vietnam trip was Mr. Wing.

How did we meet?

Well, Ram and I were just walking along Phan Dinh Phung Street to Xuan Huong Lake when he approached and asked if we were up for a tour. At the time, we were now standing outside Da Lat Easy Rider. I’d been to Da Lat in 2010 and I thought, I knew the way around town so ‘No, thank you’ was my reply. But he persisted by saying ‘I will take you outside Da Lat’ and that rang the bell. He then showed me places we ought to go and some pictures of families who’d gone with him for a tour in Vietnam. They’d go to as far as Hanoi or HCMC on a bike. I’d read about Da Lat Easy Rider in one of the magazines in Saigon and I was already half convinced when I remembered the name of the tour. Plus he was very friendly, with excellent English skills, and a real salesperson.

I was already sold out plus Ram, my travel buddy for that day, liked to ride the bike. Without further adieu, off we went for our 20 -USD-Lam Dong Day Tour.


Why am I recommending him?

1. My kid and I had a wonderful experience with him. We had great memories of the places we went to, and the beautiful stories he had shared to us.

2. You can trust his motorcycle riding skills. He’s been riding a bike for almost forever. You’d feel really safe.

3. He’s lived in Da Lat all his life that he knows every inch of and about the city so well he could answer just any question you want to ask. He is not just an average tour guide-he is a pro!

4. He knows everyone and everybody knows him.

5. Nobody touches your things. We would just leave his bike with my backpack on it along the road when we visited each place. I was skeptical about the idea- my passports and other essentials were in the bag. But he said ‘if someone took your bag, I’d always find out who the culprit was’.

6. He uses an IPhone and likes to take pictures. You can always ask him to take photos of you with your own phone or camera.

7. He talks about his family during lunch; he is very open about his life. It was a pleasure knowing him- a father, husband and son- a real person.

8. He is a funny guy! No boring moments!


Where to find Mr. Wing?

Easy Rider Cafe

70 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Da Lat City, Vietnam



How to contact Mr. Wing?


Email: Nguyen Nguyen <>

Mobile Number: 0918564 124


Happy Traveling!