Most tourists in Vietnam wouldn’t bother riding to District 7 to check what is there to see. They’re already settled with what District 1 could offer. Apart from that there are day tours that highlight the memoirs of wars that historic sites have become top destinations in the country, such as  going to Cu Chi – crawl in the tunnels and to Mekong Delta- take photos of the life on the water. Those are very interesting places, I’ve been there and indeed, knowing those sites would already give you a feel of what Vietnam has been in the past. But to find out about Vietnam’s present and future,  Phu My Hung is the place to be.

Phu My Hung  is actually an addition to Saigon’s top spots. It’s modern with high rise apartments, western pubs, international restaurants, international schools, new shopping malls, and I tell you what…this is the place where you don’t need to be stressed out with anyone snatching your sling bag while you walking. In many cases, people come here to hang out, take pre-nuptial pictures, stroll with a date at the park, or have a picnic with the family. It’s pretty dang safe compared to the other districts in the city.

Where to go in Phu My Hung?

So, I have listed the things you can visit in Phu My Hung area and I also took the liberty of asking my Twitter and Facebook friends who are from here to tell us about the places they frequent. I have inserted the link of some of them I have gathered from the internet for you. 

1. The Crescent MallI just love hanging out there. When I go there in the morning, you’ll see me outside the Gloria Jean’s drinking my latte with the view of the Crescent Lake. My little boys could freely run around the fountain and play under the sun. Their favorite is the MOF which is situated on the second floor. This could also offer a great view of the lake, the trees, everything!

2. Boom-A-rang.  Highly recommended by June, Etienne and Franco. They really like this place. I do, too. I’ve been there a couple of times mainly for some drinks. They close at 11PM but you can linger till about past midnight. And there’s no better place to go after watching a movie at the Crescent Mall or Paragon Parkson. 

3. I love Indian foods and I give 5/5 to Ganesh at Sky Garden 1. Every time we have visitors coming in and granted they also like Indian cuisine, we always take them there. You know me, quality of food and customer service should go hand in hand.

4. My latest favorite place is the Premium Gourmet across Nathalie’s. It’s a haven for those who are health conscious as they promise to have only the best of products. They will never fail you wit their quality fresh foods and I myself buy meat, veggies and coffee beans there. Only a few weeks ago that I discovered their chocolate ice cream. Easy on the pocketbook, 30,000 VND per scoop! Did I mention they have free salad buffet during lunch? My bestfriend and I dined there before Christmas and we both thought the place is pretty cool! You’ll see me there twice a week, the least.

5. For spa junkies, here’s a place that I used to go to. It’s called Phuong Linh located at Hung Vuong 2. My friend Laura introduced me to this place in 2008 and I had been a regular till just recently. I’d recommend it if you want a relaxing place, the ladies there are experts in facial and body massage. I suggest you go in the morning as peak times are in the afternoon and evening.

6. If you are all about foot massage, go to Tony’s Barbershop. Most of their customers are men so you’d expect a hard core rubbing and kneading- proven to relieve stress and makes you want to sleep after the session. June, who first discovered this place, said it was good. I’ve been there a hundred times and well, she’s right. Dream SPA at Hung Phuoc 3 is another tried-and- tested place. What I really like among their services is the 90-min foot and body massage. Tony and Dream are both Korean-owned.

7. Lyra of Hello Saigon blogs regularly and she gives reviews on the restaurants she’s been and takes photos of the dishes she orders. In Phu My Hung, she recommends Scott & Binh’s for a place to eat. Why? She said:

The food is delicious which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and the chef, Scott takes time to chat with everyone – asking for feedback -Or just to get to know everyone who visits the resto. I think he knows most by name. And he remembers the food P usually order and cooks it just the way i like it. He makes everyone feels at home. And there’s a ready set of colored pens and paper for Sam every time we eat.

8. I know Franco personally- he’s a friend online and offline. He loves eating and cooking food. Every time I have a food or wine question, I just send him FB message and he’d give me a more than sufficient answer. His work’s in District 7, and he does hang out here on his free time. He vouched for:

Gloria Jean’s or the Coffee Bean’s at Grandview … I just like the chilled atmos!

Love Boomerang and so wish I could eat at El Gaucho more! Delicious!

9.  Our Twitter friend @etienne shared:

One of my favorite places is Boomerang Aussie Bistro at the Crescent. Not that the food is so great but I just like the place.Besides that, there is a traditional Vung Tau rice cakes (Banh Khot) near Sky Garden that I like to go with my girls. Simple stuff. I am not too much of a Fast-food dude and there is lot around and more coming.

10. Vietnam has got the most fabulous nail designs all over the world. If you happen to be in Phu My Hung and want to have your nails done, my neighbor Shiela suggests you go to Trang Nail Salon in Sky Garden 3 .

11. The Tavern is also very popular amongst the expats. You will see almost the same people every night in this pub. Excellent customer service!

12.  Au Lac do Brazil at Sky Garden 2 for meat lovers and yes it’s a place for fine wine! You’d spend a minimum of $30 but I tell you, anything you spend here is worth every $. Do you love to dance?

Thanks for reading! Hope this post has been helpful. If you want to add more info, just message me 🙂

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