As Saigon continues to surprise everyone be it expats and Saigonese, a good friend who is also a coffee lover is going to share with us a great find- a cafe called Pap! She’s going to tell us what she  thinks about the coffee shop.


By Phung Dieu Trang


I’ve spent almost every weekend in search of new places. And here’s my top 1:So recently I have taken up a new hobby, which is to explore new coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City. If you Google “cool coffee shop in HCMC”, it is likely that you will be overwhelmed by the results. I find myself in such a situation-just too many recommendations popped up. Although I’ve managed to visit some, I still have a long waiting list.


 Located on the 3rd floor of an old apartment, hidden in a small alley on Dong Khoi Street (just around the corner of Dong Khoi and Le Thanh Ton street) District 1, PaP is quite a pleasant place to spend your weekend. Inspired by the Danish fairy tale Princess and the Pea, the decoration breathes a cozy atmosphere.  Picture frames featuring princess-themed image hanging on the wall leads to the 3rd floor. I ,myself, felt very curious. I stopped at every single picture to have a clearer look. I just gazed and let myself be hypnotized by this ‘every girl’s fantasy’.


Photo by Trang


The birdcages hanging on the balcony add beauty to the decoration. It makes customers feel like they are not in the city but in paradise where flora and fauna live in harmony with humans. Every arrangement seems to bring about this cozy feeling.

The place may not be roomy enough. However, you can still have privacy talking to your friends, because everybody seems to notice they have to speak quietly to each other. Besides, the music choice here is also a plus. The last time I went there, it’s all about 80s songs, which set a lovely mood for an 80s girl like me. The drinks are kinda the same as others and the prices can be a little expensive, but, you can bring your camera, dress up for some poses there and you’ll have all your penny’s worth.


Photo by Trang

I would love to come back here some day and I hope you will stay tuned for more options coming soon .