You have no idea how nervous I was.

I waited for an hour…thinking


“Should I tell my friends now that my book is finally out?’

Last month, I went around Vietnam for this project : 30 Days Around Vietnam and last week I kinda blogged about it: What the Heck is Wrong With Me? (read numbers 2 and 3) .

Just few hours ago, my first of the 6 travel photo books has been published at Blurb.

First Stop: Hanoi by TJ Vargas <<< Click for a preview.

I was ecstatic! I am a person who is easily excited about anything and of course…this one is a big deal for me.It has been an amazing journey and I am glad I could finally share to you… my experiences.

As an amateur photographer, I know I have a lot of things to improve and with my passion, I also know I’d get better. I love to travel, take photos, share and repeat the cycle every now and then.

So guys, here’s my first photo book. I have started with Hanoi and expect 5 more travel photo books from me:

2. Sapa -My top 1 favorite place in Vietnam

3. Hue and Hoi An -Keywords: World Heritage, kings and queens, ancient, treasure, tombs, old town, beach

4. Da Lat and Buon Me Thuot- Keywords: flower capital, coffee capital, waterfalls, easy rider, silk, rubber, pepper

5. Chau Duc and Can Tho– Keywords: Mekong Delta, river, floating market, floating village, muslim, boat tour

6. Saigon – This is the place I am most familiar with. Expect to see crazy, vibrant, fun, lively, colorful, chaotic, and exciting images of the city and its people.

Thank you guys for dropping by. Hope you’ll extend your support to a novice travel writer.


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