I understand that people close to me are worried, better put: concerned, seeing the changes which are on going in my life right now. ‘WTH were you thinking?’ always marks their faces every time I try to share my life’s directions. Don’t worry, I have them all figured out and if ever my boat sinks, well, I’ll have swum the deepest oceans. So, yes…I am going to be alright.



Number 1: I have just decided to be unemployed.

Or let me put it nicely… ‘self-employed’. Well, actually, it wasn’t ‘I’… It was a ‘We’. 😉 Priorities…priorities. Life will continue to roll and for now, we have decided that we only need ‘NEEDS’. You ask ‘WHY’, I do have a lot of reasons as we thought about this move for almost two years. It’s going to take more than a thousand words to explain but just accept that the working girl is not-so-working girl anymore. Some say it’s stupid; others say it’s brave. What do you think?

Number 2: I traveled for a month.

I went on a solo trip (30Days Around Vietnam) although there was a weekend in Nha Trang when my boys came to visit me and Ram joined me in my Da Lat and Buon Mi Thout trips for 4 days. I went to see the north, central and south of Vietnam and that has changed my whole perspective about the country that has adopted me since late 2007. Until when am I going to stay here? Am not sure. We’re not sure. Maybe a couple more years? Let’s see. Feel free to guess.

Number 3: I am working on a book, or books.

Ha! Okay, at first it was just one book but after visiting so many glorious and breathtaking places, I couldn’t help but make a photo book or photo books of the places I have been. I want to share those photos, along with my insights and info I have gathered on my short trip to those cities. The all-text book that I have started might take longer to finish than expected as I have kept myself busy with the pictures of the famous and off-the-beaten tracks. I am excited!

Number 4: I want to be a chef.

At home. Yes, just here, in my place because that’s more possible than joining the popular reality TV show. 🙂 I have started checking out food blogs and Youtube on how to cook. All I knew were simple recipes and now I want to go for healthier alternatives. Oh yes, I love my 3 loyal customers and serving them good delicious and nutritious food is my daily goal. I’ve just realized how much time is needed to prepare a dish in the kitchen. I was there for 2 hours at noon today. Whew!

Number 5: I want to be a better mom.

This is the most important thing! I don’t want to be one of those moms who’d regret not having had the chance to spend more time with their children when they were younger. I want to be more involved in many aspects of precious ones’ lives while they still let me to do that. Later on, they’d want and need me less and who knows, I’d then go back find myself a job. :p

It’s almost 2013 and some of you might be thinking of your new year’s resolutions. After the changes I have mentioned, I might want to add more as I haven’t listed my 2013 yet. :p Ha!

What changes have you made in 2012? What aspects in your life do you think need a face lift for 2013?

Thanks for reading and coming back to my website. Happy holidays! 🙂


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