I was in Sapa two weeks ago and my plan to stay 3 days turned into 5. I had posted my first impressions about Sapa on our Facebook page and also blogged about Cat Cat Village at City Pass Guide- Your premium gateway to Vietnam. The whole experience had been wonderful,couldn’t even describe the elation. I don’t do drugs okay, but I did feel ‘high’… must be because of the altitude!

I know most Asians don’t like long walks but I would still suggest this to you: GO to Sapa! They have the so called ‘easy’ trekking (I did the ‘medium’ one), this natural beauty of Vietnam shouldn’t be missed and you’d feel very proud of yourself walking for half a day. Considering I am not exactly fit, it was one of my greatest achievements!

Here is how I described my first day: Mystified at Cat Cat Village

And 10 things to do in the village without necessarily shelling out more than 10USD. : 10 Things To Do in Cat Cat Village

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