Where to sleep in Vietnam?

Would I recommend them to you?

Today is my 14th of 30 Days Around Vietnam. I have spent nights from the northern tip to central part of Vietnam and in this post, I am giving you my honest-to-goodness recommendations on where to/not to spend your night while traveling in this country. I have spent my nights in hotels and on trains.  The ratings I give are backed by personal reasons and experiences as a solo, female, Asian traveler.

1. Hanoi First Choice Hotel

100% Yes! Definitely! You will get more that what you have paid for. You will like Kelvin (manager) and Hang(staff); they are both very helpful and nice. This is a good place even for a traveling family. We have already written a review about this and you may read further here: Hanoi First Choice Hotel

2. Orient Express Train

(This is not a hotel!) 100% Yes! Comfy beds with complimentary water plus clean sheets and pillow. This may vary though depending on which accommodation you choose. I was on SP2, Deluxe. Boarded on it from Hanoi to Sapa and the experience was indeed a pleasant one. This website has been very useful to me: Seat 61

3. Casablanca Hotel, Sa Pa

90% Yes! I have written a review about this and you may find the post here: Casablanca Hotel This is also a very good place for a traveling family.

4. Red Gecko, Sapa

90% Yes! You may not have the view (e.g. hills/mountains) as Casablanca could offer but you have a huge room for yourself. Very cheap but they are BIG on customer service. I had clean sheets and pillows, a view of the government’s office and the street ;-), 2 beds for myself, hot shower, a clean bathroom, WiFi etc. If you’re in HCMC or Hanoi, you’d pay triple with this kind of accommodation. Good for a solo traveller or for a couple.

5. Duong Sat Viet Nam Express

(Another train I took from Hanoi to Hue) 70% Yes. I was on SE 19 and while the bed wasn’t as soft as the one I had at Orient Express, it was alright. But I saw a cockroach on my wall, next to my face one night as I tried to sleep. I think it’s better to just pay a bit higher to get to the SE/SP 1 to SE/SP 4 in any train company.

6. Saigon Morin, Hue

95% Yes! If you want to go for a 5-STAR hotel and be treated like a VIP (in my case, “like a queen”), go to this place! Wonderful staff! But where is the 5%? Well, it was more on the food at breakfast. I thought that they should have had more choices. I am more of a rice person in the morning; I am not a big fan of bread. But if you are a westerner, you will surely enjoy their choice of fresh bread, and  selection of Vietnamese cuisine. What I really liked was the bath tub- it was huge and complete with bath salt and all that women would want in a bathroom! I also liked the music they played at the hallway. I loved the décor, the view, everything! It’s just world-class!

7. An Phu Hotel, Hoi An

Never! It was exactly half past five when I reached Hoi An. Unluckily It was already dim. The bus stopped at that hotel and most of the people went there as they had already booked. I managed to get myself a room too then I was transferred twice. First, the door lock was broken, then in the second room the windows couldn’t be closed.  3 hours after I had complained, they made an effort to fix it. Also the staff were not very helpful-Phuong, and another lady who insisted she had given me back my passport, which I denied. Never. Fortunately, I got it back -don’t worry. No WiFi in the room -that’s terrible for me- and as for (poor) cleanliness, customer service, quality, even if they had 20% off that day, I should have never checked in!

8. Palm Garden Resort, Hoi An

Never! The room was beautiful and I liked it that they have a shuttle bus for guests to go to the center. Stunning view at the beach, good choice of food. But customer service? They didn’t pass! You see, in Saigon Morin guests receive a paper with a story to read and well wishes for a goodnight sleep. Here, you receive an announcement that you have to check out at 12noon the following day and settle your bills beforehand. In the morning, I received a call at 8  and another one at 10 to remind me I had to check out at 12. For Godsake, everybody knows about the 12 o’clock check out! Also I noticed, you have to dress well in order to be treated well. No greetings here. It’s not that I needed it but for me it’s a sign that you are in a nice accommodation when people treat you nice. I mean, for me, there are other 5-star hotels in Hoi An and if you ever spend your money on luxury ones, not on this one. I didn’t have a nice experience here as I expected, so no, I am not recommending it.

Maybe others will not agree with me, but all the things I wrote here are based on what I had actually experienced. My expectations are always levelled according to the hotel’s reputation, whether they are 2-star or 3-star or 5-star. I hope you’d find this post helpful. Thank your for reading.

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