Casablanca Hotel in Sapa, Vietnam

I arrived at a foggy Sapa Center around 7 in the morning feeling groggy after the long train ride. I needed sleep but the receptionist told me there wasn’t any room available and said that I could just have tea, then breakfast a bit later. I was also instructed to just use their bathroom in the dining area just in case I want to change my clothes or wash my face.’ How inconvenient’, I thought!

You see, I have already paid and all and after the traveling from Hanoi to Sapa, I expected I’d have a place the moment I arrive. So I waited at the dining area and I noticed the warm atmosphere.

Everyone was smiling: the guests,the hotel keeper and the crew. ‘It is so nice here’ whispered my unbiased self. Nine o’clock after breaky when Tim,a tour guide/chef, approached and told me the room was ready.

Oh, I was very happy!  So I hurriedly took the staircase to the fourth floor. There was a bed, a lamp, a closet, a fridge, a private bathroom (Yeah!) and you can just forget everything I’d mentioned as they are all basic stuff. Then there was a huge window! ‘This is Sapa!’ my unbiased self whispered again. If you have been following me on Instagram- @herdailydigest- I took photos of the beautiful scene. I felt like I was on top of the mountain after seeing the hills below me. So here’s a tip, when you book your room, get the 422.

You’d feel at home at Casablanca. You’d be greeted with ‘good morning’ many times in the morning. It’s got a cheerful environment. I could guarantee you with their customer service. They serve Vietnamese dishes in the hotel although they can also offer you pancakes, the Western ones. And I have seen families and couples staying there.

How could they improve? I think they have to vary their choices of food as well. It’s good if you’d stay there for a day or two but more than that, you’d definitely look for something else. Maybe Pho or any noodle soup could be included in the menu? 🙂 Another thing is the bath. You can’t use their bath as it has been broken (for ages I think, as the sign looked really old). The shower heater in my room didn’t work so I had to use the wash sink. Yup, hot shower is very important in this chilly Sapa!

Would I recommend this place? Yes! The people who run the hotel are really honest, friendly, accommodating and helpful. I like that place.  I am at a different hotel now as I have decided to stay longer in Sapa and guess what? They were the ones who recommended me to another hotel.

Casablanca is full most of the time so check Agoda or any other hotel sites to book in advance.

I hope this has been helpful.





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