Earlier today, we had a bloody experience. It was a crazy day,  believe me! JC and the kiddos flew with VietJet Air at 6.10 and I flew 3.5 hours later with air Mekong. At different times, we took a bus from Noi Bai airport to Hoan Kiem District. In my case, JetStar bus asked the 5 passengers, including myself, to wait for 30 minutes but time passed the driver had shown no signs of steering the wheel. So I decided to hop on another bus but they wouldn’t go until it was full. Thank God, there was a van just waiting for 4 more passengers and few minutes later, we drove off down town   To make the story short I was at the airport at 12.50 and arrived at the hotel at exactly 2.45. ‘Such a waste of time, I should’ve taken a taxi instead ‘, I thought.

I was just glad I was reunited with my boys at long last!


The fun begins

After moaning about our imperfect morning (which was, by the way, 90% our fault), we rested a bit then proceeded to Hoan Kiem Lake. We were looking for a restaurant that would give us a great view of the city. Aha! There we sighted City View Cafe, just above Highlands Coffee on Dinh Tien Hoang Street- perfect for taking photos.

What did we order?


Both hubsy and I picked the grilled fish while the little Vargases opted for a large pepperoni pizza. As always, simple and common things transform into fun moments when we are together. We didn’t come here to Hanoi to eat pizza but this was a treat for them as they hadn’t eaten this food for months. At home, we try to eat as healthy as we can. So here are the excited kiddos:

Look at the photos below for the pizza-eating contest!


Contestant #1




Contestant #2



They must have been so hungry-they finished all and devoured all of it fast! Haha! Did you enjoy our photos? Tomorrow I will post the photos I took of the Hoan Kiem Lake. I hope you’d visit this site again.

Hubsy ‘instagrammed’ our photo this afternoon too:

So you see the quote: “Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.” – Fitzhugh Mullan was true after all. It was, by the way, 10% of our decision coming up on this restaurant and the 90% were all accounted for by the sight, the view, the company and the moment that made our first dinner in Hanoi another sweet travel memory.