Today’s post is something very boring  personal as it’s all about moi!

Three days to go before my BIG day! Friends have been texting where the party would be, what to do on that day and until now I still haven’t decided what I really want to do.  I am usually giddy when it’s my birthday but this time around… I just feel BLANK!

Yes, blank! So I wish you can fill in the _____________. 😉

My friend June posted a status on her Fb last night with “I am not in denial’ LOLs… And I feel e-v-e-r-y  w-o-r-d in that statement! I am leaving the 20s soon although when people ask (which is usual in Vietnam to ask a lady her age) I say 21.


My birthday 2011 and cake sponsored by Glicy and Vanessa

50 Shades of Purple  Me

1. I love coffee. If I don’t have coffee in the morning, or middle of the day or evening, WORK would be impossible to carry out and my mood would be damn grey! That is why I agree with Trung Nguyen’s coffee motto: ‘No Coffee, No Life’ 😉

At Limketkai waiting for friends :)

CDO, Philippines

2. Just because I bring my Nikon D90 with me doesn’t mean I am a professional photographer although it’s my goal and it’s always nice hearing people compliment on my photos. Yes, my passion includes taking photos and my favorite subjects are of course my 3 boys. Here are my favorite photos: 

Melaka, Malaysia

 3. I want to travel around the world and I wanna’ start with Asia. If I could earn money while traveling, that would be the fulfillment of one of my greatest dreams. For now, I am focusing on finishing a book about Vietnam. Meanwhile, I am posting my thoughts, photos and travels on this website as I work on my project. I’d love to hear your insights as well so it would be very helpful if you leave your comments on my posts! 🙂

Melaka, Malaysia

4. Online, I am very sociable! LOLs! You can always find herdailydigest on Twitter (where I live ;-)), Facebook, Instagram, Webstagram, Stumble Upon, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Flickr (+ mtm) .  Offline? Not quite! Too busy to go out (so are my friends), but I do try to see them at least twice a month ;-). Maybe it will change soon… I enjoy meeting new people as long as it is scheduled ahead of time ;-).

The photographer (",)

5. I want to live to a hundred that’s why I try to keep myself  healthy. I don’t smoke. I drink occasionally (like when there’s an occasion ;-)). I go to they gym at least twice a week. It was just once a month but I have progressed over the years. I walk! Yes! I eat veggies too. Most importantly, I smile! I never run out of problems but I try to choose which ones are worth worrying about. Smile! Laugh! It’s good for the heart.

Muine, Vietnam

Each number is worth 10 so there goes my FIFTY! :p This post was inspired by Mrs. O 🙂

Don’t forget to greet me on Wednesday! I entertain wishes till 31 October , 11.59 p.m.

KL, Malaysia


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