10 Spectacular Photos this weekend

I know I have to be humble a bit but I have just got back from the Travelers Photography Workshop by Peter and Mark and I feel high from the activities we had this morning. We went to the market, Turtle Lake, Dong Khoi St., and a pagoda to take different photos. The most challenging was the technique they call ‘panning’. I am not even posting a sample of ‘panning’ here…no, not today. What I enjoyed the most was…of course, taking photos of people. I’ve got very interesting subjects below, you’ll see.

Now, here are the photos I took this morning. The title is plainly an exaggeration! Enjoy Vietnam. :p

She was the first person I saw at the market. She was sitting there on the corner with her ‘tra da’ looking so quiet. She was kind enough to look at me. I had 5 photos of her , showed them to her then we became friends instantly.

He was the coolest guy! He waved at us and invited us to his spot for us to take photos of him. His friends were speaking in English saying ‘ one more, one more’ so I snapped as many as I could. :p

This shows a typical morning in Saigon where people start their day reading a newspaper.

At the Turtle Lake this time. This girl was eating ‘banh mi’ while waiting for her friends.

She sat on her slippers, not minding the noise and the busyness of everyone around her.

My new-found friend. She was all smiles and she happened to be our favorite model this morning. Everyone has got a photo of her.

Mama Mary in front of Duc Ba. I am sure you have seen her many times!

This was inside the pagoda. I plan to go back to that place to take more photos. Do you recognize where this is?

Here’s a mom and a baby exiting the pagoda.

Here’s a devout praying inside the pagoda.

Here’s a bonus pic showing how happy people in Vietnam are:

I hope you enjoyed the photos! You can also share them with your friends. 🙂