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The Bitexco Financial Tower- it’s not hard not to love this iconic building at the heart of Saigon. I have taken dozens of photos of this structure; I think you haven’t been to Ho Chi Minh City if you haven’t got a pic of it. Been on its 49th floor to see the stunning cityscape and the historic Saigon River; wifey has been there with her students on a field trip.

Thanh Long or dragon fruit is one of Vietnam’s most abundant produce and one of my favorite fruit too. I wouldn’t have tasted this if I hadn’t moved to Vietnam, plus it is super cheap here. One time I drove on Hoang Van Thu Street and a wholesaler displayed sacks of dragon fruit for 4,000VND only- that’s just about 20 cents or 8 pesos.

Blame it on my love for arts and music- I see a lot of wonderful objects in downtown Saigon. These gongs are sold on Dong Khoi Street between $20-$80 depending on the size and material-brass or bronze. What amazes more is actually the frame holding each of these musical instruments- the dragon carvings were so delicately done which must have taken at least a day for the artists to finish!

Snacks on wheels or now-you-see-now-you-don’t stalls are found almost on every street in Saigon and they used to occupy many pavements. Sometimes I don’t like them because they prevent me from escaping from heavy traffic jams; most of the time, I like it that they’re there because I can easily grab a 10,000VND (50 cents) snack within 30 seconds!

Traffic police/ officers are everywhere in Saigon. Thanks to them the streets of Vietnam’s business capital are safe and trust me when I say: whenever motorists see them, they automatically transform into law-abiding drivers. What’s my proof? It happens to me all the time. 🙂

Saigon is hot; Saigon is wet. That is true especially over the past few weeks. The consolation is this view- green trees, blue skies and puffy clouds behind drizzles on a window. Whenever I see it, I sing to myself quietly “What a Wonderful World”.

If you haven’t heard of John Fogerty’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”, you probably aren’t familiar with “Have You Ever Seen the Train?”. For one, because the latter isn’t a song; and maybe you don’t pass by the railway. Me? I do it every day and at least once a week I experience being halted on Nguyen Van Troi Street to let the train march on the ramp. What a wonderful view!

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