This is one of my favorite sights from a bridge connecting Nguyen Van Troi and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Streets- a view of Vinh Nghiem Pagoda on the right and commercial building on the left. It is easy to spot them when you’re coming from the airport.

At first I thought it was the Virgin Mary; I had seen many of them on the balcony of the top floors in Vietnamese houses and in some pagodas. It was until I took time to look at the statue closer that I noticed the difference. My friend prayed and recited a prayer facing this idol.

A pagoda called Chua Dai Giac on the corner of Nguyen Van Troi and Trung Quoc Dung Streets is such a beauty. It is by the traffic lights, so many people pause for a few seconds when passing by this sacred place in Saigon.

Sinh To Xoai (Mango Shake) and Tra Nong (Hot Tea) are my alternative for the break time favorite, Cafe Sua Da (Iced Coffee with Milk). Street cafes sell the former from 15-20,000 VND (about $1) while the latter is served for free. That’s one great thing about living in Vietnam!

A unique symbol I found between the rest rooms for men and women. The object at the center still gets me thinking whether it is an old flower vase or a prehistoric cooking pot. Well, arts always confuse me and a lot of people.

Can I call this photo “The Balance”? Sky, plants, people, and water- they’re in perfect harmony, at least in my view of this ancestral house by the lake. The water does not reflect the sky but I can see the clouds smiling, looking at things under them.

Vietnam’s number one sport is football and if you live in this country, it is impossible to miss that fact. What amazes me is sometimes, teens find any round object to be used as football. Look at the photo, it is a coconut football! Ouch!

In Vietnam, almost every dish has veggies or herbs. From the traditional Pho to the KFC chicken meal, there is always that green healthy stuff. I come from a country that is not so fond of vegetables; I am glad even Crepes (French in origin) here have lots of these nutritious elements! And it can look like a bouquet of flowers too.

Need help with your motorbike? Mechanics can be found in almost every corner in Saigon. You could not see him in this photo as he’s on the hammock when I took this shot but it does show the sign and some tools.

Isn’t she a head turner? The Bitexco Financial Tower remains the tallest tower in Saigon; the current record holder in the country is in its capital, Hanoi. Even when you’re not in district 1, you can see this skyscraper like a lighthouse helping ships in navigation.

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