Aerobics in Cambodia

When it comes to living healthy I will always have a hundred and one reasons  why I couldn’t do it. I tell you, I am very creative in coming up with alibis. To name a few:

1. I am a mom.

2. I have a full-time job.

3. I am doing MBA.

4. I have SPA and coffee dates with friends.

5. and many (96) more which make any physical exercise a mission impossible.

Of course I’ve made efforts! Living healthy has always been part of my New Year’s resolutions.

1. Swimming. There’s a swimming pool in our apartment but I have only used it once.

2. Yoga. I tried that—once a year. Yes…a day in a year. I have yoga mats and the attire.

3. Gym. Going to and fro the gym would require 30 mins., then I needed to take a shower after the session and what else?  This means I needed a total of 2 hours for gym time. I couldn’t afford this.

4. Boxing. My hubsy and kiddos do boxing once a week, for 250,000VND an hour. I think this kind of physical activity is really good for them but no way for me.

5. Tennis. My friends Kim and Jaja have been playing tennis. I really wanted to join them but again, I don’t have the time to go to the court, change to tennis outfit, spend an hour for the sport then drive back home. The court is 45 minutes from home so, this is not a very good idea.

6. Dance. Oh yes, dancing was good! But most of the ladies enrolled in any dance class have already got the skills and even if my intention was to sweat out and be healthy, seeing the ladies made me so insecure. They have the bodies and the  moves and if there’s any level below zero, that is me. I stopped.

Now that I have told you my reasons and my failed attempts, let me tell you… I think there is a solution. I still want to be fit and healthy. The closest I can do is to go WALKING.

This week, I have started my quest! Yes, it is a 30-minute walk, 5x a week and I plan to carry on for 100 days. Why 100 days? That is just my target as of the moment. And after that, I’d be very happy to try another sort of physical activity. I might upgrade. Who knows, right?

For busy people like me, we can’t be too lazy not to have at least 3o minutes a day or 5x a week. We can’t afford to be too fat or too unhealthy. Medicines are not so expensive in Vietnam but hospitalization is. Let’s exercise. Join me! We can do this!

It’s just a WALK! 🙂

Walking in Vietnam