That would be silly right?

Ah…you’d never believe this but a lot of people are actually traveling for a year or forever with their family. How’d they do it?

We do travel thrice a year during breaks.

I have been very visible on Twitter, tweeting, retweeting and replying to messages from a lot of our friends all over the world. Most of them are travelers. I really do like following traveling people as they always have the positive spirit which is contagious. I can feel their energy from afar. They are always enthusiastic about life and yes… I want to take my family to the world…to other continents.

There are a lot of inspiring blogs out there and here are my top 4 family travel blogs


They were traveling around SE Asia for a year ; hubsy and I always got excited to read their posts- from which country they were in to which family fun activities they did during their escapades.


This blog is also about a wonderful parent who is ‘world schooling’ his son. A lot of cool pictures too and I love the ones on the beach.


Like me, she’s got two wonderful boys. She’s a non-stop traveler. Amazing!


Just recently checked this blog as @2kidsintow RTed some of the posts and I realized how cool this family is. They have written a lot of books and they are still out there with their bikes encouraging people to travel too!

When you read their blogs, you’d realize that the answer to the question above is an absolute YES!