Here are my top ten ‘Only in Vietnam’ shots. All of them have been taken using my iPhone and are posted in my Instagram gallery. I hope you enjoy viewing them.

Chicken feet dish-At Com Tam Moc, this is one of my favorites. There’s something like this back home (called ‘Adidas’ because of the ‘three stripes’) but the distinct taste of the Vietnamese one makes me wanna eat more.

Wedding entourage on a cyclo- not really a common sight in Saigon but bride and grooms do spend lots for wedding pictures. So it’s not uncommon to see them near churches even when they do not hold the ceremony there.

The ancestral house at Sy Hoang’s Fashion and Garden House in Long Thuan- I had only seen this in Japanese and Chinese movies. Here, you can see a lot of them and more in the countryside where not much real estate development is going on.

Motorbike crash- a very common sight on broad daylight and more at night time. Road accidents in Saigon have been a pain in the neck. I have yet to meet an expat who has not had an accident here. This is enough to remind me to wear my helmet when driving.

Recycling? Not a problem here. You don’t have to take your plastics or bottles to a recycling facility. A few locals collect them and take them to you know where.

I don’t wonder they ‘The Pink Church’, do you?- a Catholic church in Tan Dinh ward, Hai Ba Trung St. I used to live near here and I could here the church bells every day.

The iconic and majestic Notre Dame Cathedral at the heart of downtown Saigon- you can’t miss this spot. Many tourists come here, apart from the hundreds of faithful who frequent this house of prayer.

Non la- Vietnamese style conical hat. May still wear them even in city center and I’m glad locals try as hard as they can to preserve this part of their culture. I have one at home and the best thing about it? One size fits all 🙂

Coffee and tea duo- Yes, in Vietnam they are inseparable. Tea is served even when you order just for coffee. Iced tea is even served for free in many restaurants here.

Vietnamese buffet- fruit, vegetables, herbs, hot pot, and some meat dishes. In this photo is Vietnam’s most popular chef- Ms Cam Van. I was lucky enough to have tried her masterpiece!

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