Marvi is a CDO-based nurse and community leader. If not serving in a health care facility, she spends time hanging out with lady friends over a cup of coffee and booksellers. A graduate of two degrees, her love for Literature makes her inseparable from her Kindle.

Of Shades and Me 

is Marvi’s review of the much hyped bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey.

Books have always been my sanctuary if I want to escape reality for awhile; to just drift away and get lost through its pages can be so liberating to behold. I couldn’t recall how many times I was captivated from the magic spells of such imaginative writers. And right now, I am still in a trance after being enchanted by E.L. James’s Fifty Shades Trilogy. Just by the mere thought of the title sends shivers down my spine, not because of the graphic representations, but because it is so closely associated to reality that anyone can actually relate to it.

While some individuals think the novels were too sexually explicit, I think it was a stroke of genius. For one, the timing was fitting for it to hit the bookshelves to which people are eager to go out of the box of conventional stories. It’s also a breath of fresh air from the unrelenting vampire-themed fantasy tales. Had it been released prior to that, I doubt if it will spread like a virus as it is now.

Then there’s the plot of the story. Yes, it DEFINITELY overloads with obscene contents- heck, 80% of it illustrates far more than I could endure! But what makes you hold on to your seat is that it goes beyond the realm of erotica. It imbibes with it the beauty of pure emotions of a woman who falls in love for the very first time; and not just to an ordinary man, mind you, but to someone who is so powerful it’s unnerving. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the guy has yet to find himself crossing the boundaries of pure lust and to actually allow himself to be devoured and captured by emotions he was blocking all his life. How they worked their way into each other’s worlds is for you to read and discover them yourselves.

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While I strongly marked this trilogy as PG 21, it amuses me to find myself narrate the story to the younger ones, the young adults particularly, disregarding the sexy details of course. The last thing I want to happen is to corrupt their innocent minds. To see them get awestruck as I go deeper through the sequel is fascinating enough for me. In comparison, I IMMENSELY (hahahaha!) recommend this work of art to those couples    who are not only binded by law and by matrimony, but also to those who are mature enough to explore and wishes to put their relationship one level higher. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I know this for a fact because eversince I finished the books and recommending them to my friends, the only negative reaction I usually receive is that they start to develop insomnia because they just can’t put it down. Blame it to the brilliant author for making such a great novel more stimulating than a cup of espresso and tea combined.

As for me, I’ll never look at a beetle the same way ever again. I’m such a Twinings-Mint-Tea-aholic, but I’ll give English Breakfast Tea a sip – The Anastasia way. And if I’m lucky enough, I might actually end up in the arms of my own Christian – minus the baggage (hahahaha!). Who knows, right? Laters. JJJ