We’ve recently celebrated Father’s Day and on such special day, I reminisced the time I’d spent with my dad when he was alive. The most vivid part of walking down the memory lane though, was the time when his business picked up and he lavished us with gifts. These presents ranged from a big multiplex karaoke to a 28” TV-all of them were made of one brand: SHARP.

I was only 10 when he filled our living room and kitchen with SHARP appliances but I dared ask why he chose a uniform brand. Amused he reasoned that for several years he had saved a portion of his profits and since it was for his loved ones, what he’d spent his money on should not only be worth the money, it should also symbolize his characteristics: trustworthy and loyal. From then on, I decided to invest in quality products.

Two decades forward, amid the weakening of peso against dollar and several ups and downs in the Philippine business, I found myself in another country-Vietnam. Now I have what I need to buy these quality products but the appliances market have been too varied that it is almost impossible to distinguish the differences and edges of each of the gazillion brands available in the market. But one thing hit me- the technology that my old man brought home one day held a lasting impression on me. Not only are they still taking a position in my old home, some of them are still functioning and every single part of them remind me of my dad’s hard work, value for first-rate quality and Sharp’s reliability as a brand.

Now if you wonder why I am reminded of all this, I’ve got something to share. I attended my friend’s birthday party tonight and his fiancee showed me their new baby- a SHARP rice cooker! All memories came flooding back and I told her it’s a great decision to choose the name- it’s a tried and tested name in my household. Interestingly though, she showed me the box that came with it bearing “100th Year Anniversary”. I was surprised because I had thought SHARP was a new brand when we first had them at home. So when I came home tonight I opened my PC and Googled “Sharp 100 years”. Guess what I’ve found?

A website (http://www.sharp100years.com) that bears the same exact words and what’s on it was even more exciting! Mind you I’d thought of keeping it a secret before sharing this to you but I want to join in this fair and square. So here’s how I understood it. Sharp is celebrating its 100th anniversary by holding an online contest called “Anniversary Share”.

How to WIN?

*Promo period: 16th June 2012 and ends on 15th September 2012

*All you have to do is post a pictures or a video of a memorable event in your life like an anniversary, for example.

*Describe and share about such precious part of your life on the Facebook Page of sharp Anniversary Share.

*All the images and videos collected will then be compiled into a video and featured in the website during the campaign period.

*What’s at stake? No less than a trip in the West Coast of the USA and that’s for two pairs (four people). Plus the top five sharers will win Sharp products.

Easy, right? That’s why tonight I am going to find my winning pictures. Meanwhile, check out some screen shots that might help you as well.

Just click https://share.sharp100years.com/ to get to this page. And to look at some of the shared photos, just click this one http://www.sharp100years.com/ and you’ll see this:

Soon I’ll campaign for the post I’ll have shared. So please watch out for my next post and support me by LIKING it.

I’m very excited to join this contest and I think I should thank my friends who have reminded me about Sharp. Just like the couple Ja and Phil, Sharp is sincere. Need I say I sincerely thank them for giving the clue to join this race?