Our friend Yeng ( @yengreyes ) invited us to a Pinoy Trivia Night at Geisha Cafe on June 12. I was with the Team That’s Entertainment but trust me, you wouldn’t like the result>>> Our team didn’t win! (huhu) I did enjoy that night though! It was fun.

Who won? Find out from Lyra’s post here: Happy Independence Day!

Now, going back to Geisha, are you ready for my review?

1. Location

Good: Geisha is not difficult to find. It’s on 85 Pasteur, District 1, HCMC. Taxi and xe om drivers can easily take you to this place. It’s just at the heart of the city, near the intersection of Le Thanh Ton St.

Not so good: It’s by a very busy street and parking is limited to an approx. 10sq.m area. Good thing I didn’t drive that time.

2. The Set Up

Good: There’s a fashion shop on the first floor so if you’re up for some chic and posh clothes, check out their blouses and dresses.The cafe slash gallery is on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Great ambiance! There were framed pictures on the third floor that I enjoyed. I plan to attend a photography workshop on how to take such great photos. They play soft music and I love the cushion of their sofas.

Plus the 3rd floor’s wall was home to a number of gorgeous works of art.It’s nice to stay there if you’re working on your laptop. I went there earlier and it was really so peaceful and relaxing with just few customers around.

Not so good: The third floor could get easily cramped come 12 pairs or more.And it could really get hot you don’t want to stay long.

3. Food

Good: You’d surely appreciate the food preparation!

Not so good: My cafe latte didn’t even reach half the cup. 😦  I didn’t like that. Also, the waiting time was a bit disappointing.My friend ordered a meal which reached the table after an hour. My dessert arrived in 45 minutes. 😦 There were many people that night, they must have had a lot of orders.

The verdict:

I will never go there for food if I am very hungry.

I will visit Geisha again if I want a quiet place to work on something . I appreciate the color, the music and the ambiance of the place. I might just order 2 or 3 cups of coffee!

How about you? How was your experience at Geisha?

Thanks @mr_kimpossible for submitting your photos.

More photos from the Pinoy Trivia: