With my two lovely friends off I went to Mui Ne for the weekend. Have you ever traveled anywhere when you did completely nothing but relax? That’s just what we did but there are things I have found out that I want to share with you. I have been to one of the places in Phan Thiet in 2010 but this was actually just my first time in Mui Ne.

And I’ve learned 10 Things:

1. There are a lot of hotels/hostels/guest houses. This means you it’s no big deal even if you got there during public holidays. I remember my friends panic every Labor Day or Tet that they booked a month or two for an accommodation in Mui Ne. To be honest, you can just pop in and pick your place when you get there. Literally, just walk along a very loooong Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street (15 km) and every 20 steps is a hotel or a resort.

2. The hotels cost from 25 USD to 140  USD and most of the them have a swimming pool. We stayed at Sunshine Beach; it was in  30 USD-room  with a view of the sea. Cheap? They had 50% off that time. Lucky us! They are still constructing their pool though so I reckon the place will be a lot better next year.

3. It is impossible to swim with such big waves. So if you are not very confident with your swimming skills, better stay in the pool 😉

4. At the moment of writing, a sleeper bus to Mui Ne costs 170,000 VND and it takes 5 hours of traveling from Saigon.

5. There are convenience stores which are open 24 hours. Imagine we arrived around 2 in the morning,  starving. Good thing the staff offered to buy us instant noodles at a nearby shop.

6. Jibes Restaurant has a Mango Cheesecake which is just heavenly!  My friend Laura had been to this place a number of times and she suggested we’d have dinner there. Yes, they have good food and it’s a great place to spend the evening chitchatting with your friends.

7.  Mui Ne is one of the best places for water sports in Vietnam.They have a wide selection of fun and exciting activities on the water such as kite boarding, wind surfing, and oh, I wanted to try that motor skiing which would have cost me 600,000 VND for 30 minutes but I didn’t feel very adventurous that time. Maybe, next time.

8. Russian restaurants and resorts are prominent in this area. I have read tweeters and bloggers call this place a Russian Town.

9. It’s good to go to Mui Ne when it’s not the peak season.  You can have the whole beach for yourself 😉 It’s really quiet, I have slept a lot! Also, I have read 2 e-books. It’s a lovely place.

10. Buy everything in Saigon like swim wear, hat, sunglasses before heading to Mui Ne. If you’re a tourist in Vietnam, buy all your souvenirs in Saigon. The prices are a bit higher in Mui Ne.

Bonus: Food! Ha! Ok, to be fair, food is always good when you’re at the beach. Well, just look at my photos below as sample of servings in Mui Ne. I’ve paid  5 to 10USD per meal in Mui Ne though breakfast is always free at the hotel.

I didn’t do much there. I haven’t even been to the dunes yet. Next time I go there, I will tell you more.

If you’ve been to Mui Ne, I’d love to hear any recommendations from you for my next visit. 🙂

Note: My title 10+ 1 was inspired by @mrsoaroundworld from her post : 5+1 reasons why I love the UK