Ask the taxi driver to take you to Queen Street to get to the bus station to Melaka.
Here’s the counter, just along the street- so easy to spot on.


They’d raise their voice but they’re not being rude. Talk about Sociolinguistics!

Here’s bus 707 to take us from Singapore to Melaka


The trip’s supposed to last for 3 hours in the schedule :5.30 to 8.30


A ticket costs 22 SGD for adults/kids
TIP: Book in advance. We had planned to take the 1.30pm bus so we arrived at 12noon to buy tickets. Unfortunately, vacant seats were only for the 5.30 trip. They’re often full, explained the ticket agent. AND don’t be late coz here,  5.30 is 5.30


The immigration process was quick and sweet.
5 mins immigration Singapore (Exit)
5 mins immigration Malaysia (Entrance)
We were the last one to hop back in … :s


Exactly 9.15 when we arrived in Melaka Sentral
Melaka to Singapore

Hubsy booked our tickets online which cost 16.80 SGD each. He thought he’s saved over $5 each (from $22 SG-MLK)
Apparently, it was just 22 RM at bus station (8.9 SGD)
TIP: Get your tickets at the bus station in Melaka Sentral. They’re not as busy as the 707 in Singapore.


This trip took a bit longer. We spent a lot of time at the immigration in Johor Baru. Also, the bus stopped for 30 minutes in a restaurant where we had lunch.

Here are my Kiddos trying to relax on the bus. No gadgets for more than 4 hours.

My gorgeous seatmate. It’s always a joyride with him.

If I were to do it again, I would just take bus 707 back and forth. It has got bigger space, comfy seats and very convenient for the kiddos. Plus, trip is shorter.

Hope this post helps 🙂