Hello guys! (“,)

Four weeks ago, I posted Join the Contest  giving the instructions and the mechanics on how to qualify for the win. This was in line with Herdailydigest’s  Blogging Anniversary and today was set to be the time to announce the winners! Without much adieu, below are the names of the participants who have gained more than 10 LIKEs for their entry.

(Image from Chipesajian)

Glicy                                      16              (T-shirt or mug)

A.Duy                                    20              (T-shirt or mug)

Huy                                        34               (first prize)

Khanh Mai                            67               (first prize)

Quynh                                     10              (T-shirt or mug)

Sept                                          21              (T-shirt or mug)

Anh                                          14              (T-shirt or mug)

Thank you so much guys for participating and I hope to see you in the near future! Email me at herdailydigest@gmail.com so I can tell you how we can meet.

I’d also like to thank all the LIKERs/ readers and the other candidates (Khoi, Anh Tuan, KikiPBN, Lisa, J.Lynn, Blanch, and Ben) for supporting Herdailydigest.com.  More power to you guys and I hope we continue to interact for the years to come.