Let’s say you have read this- 15 Facts about Vietnam   – and more or less, you already have an idea of what I am going to say in this post.

Anyway, this has been our third visit in this city- all the trips in the past had been short and fast-paced as we would always go sightseeing and visiting theme parks. You see, when you are packed with activities, you don’t really notice other people; all you do is take pictures or enjoy the rides. Only when we people- watch at a coffee shop or talk with our expat and local friends from that city do we really notice and learn a lot of things.

Alright, to minimize violent reactions I would like to make it clear that all 15 are just my personal observations. Yes, am no expert about Singapore although the TITLE could be a bit tricky. Nevertheless, I do encourage you to comment, share your thoughts or give light to what I think based on what I have seen, heard, etc.

1. All Singaporeans have iPhones.

2. They finish their sentences with ‘lah’ and questions with ‘meh’.

3. Yes or No? (English) = Can or Not? (Singlish)

4. They address their elders ‘Auntie’ and ‘Uncle’ as a sign of respect.  In Vietnam,  they say  ‘Chi’ or ‘Ba’ and ‘Anh’ or ‘Ong’. In the Philippines ‘Ate’ or  ‘Ale’ and ‘Kuya’ or ‘Manong’ :p

5. Lucky Plaza is a Filipino mall and walking down Orchard Road is like being in Manila. Everyone speaks Tagalog there :p I once thought there were more Filipinos than Singaporeans in Singapore. :p

6. Most Filipinos working in shops never spoke Taglish; they always spoke Singlish which made it hard for me to distinguish a Filipino from a Singaporean.

7. ‘Aunties’ and’ Uncles’ still work for a living here. They are very hardworking and this is rare because in most Asian countries, the elderly stay at home. Their children take care of them or they take care of their grandchildren. In the west, they are either in nursing homes or living somewhere else enjoying their retirement.

8. Customer service at its best. In the hotels, shops, everywhere-they don’t think of a one-time big purchase, they value repeat business more; that’s why they tell you how you can pay less.

9. Tell me, why are there a lot of sexy, pretty girls in Geylang? :p

10. Old historical buildings are plenty in Bugis and Geylang. Bugis has a lot of churches and mosques.

11. The Arab Street has a lot of delightful restaurants and shops. My friend Michelle fell in love with the earrings at a shop across Istanbul Grills and Cafe. They have unique, rare and fabulous jewelry.

12. Makansutra is a hot spot but their coffee is too sweet. I was told they put 2 tablespoons of condensed milk in it.  And oh, Makansutra is super busy at night; you have to go earlier to have a table and chair . Others have to stand and wait till they see a vacant slot.

13. You can hear 5 languages spoken on a train. No, not by the same person. It’s noisy when you ride on it in the afternoon but everyone feels talking in privacy even when they could be heard but not understood. I didn’t understand a single word.

14. No rush in crossing the street with 2 kids in tow, they’d wait till you are at a safer part of the road before they drive again.

15. On a train or bus – When you have a protruding belly, they’d give up their seat for you without verifying if you’re pregnant or not. They are that polite. And I was a little bit embarassed. :-p This does not work for males though.

Ha! Alright, that’s all! Thanks for reading, lah!

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Happy traveling 🙂