Day 7 after Big Bang made a history in Vietnam and 7 months before their comeback. Yes, you heard it right-they’re coming back in October!

As a young-at-heart observer, I feel duty-bound to post some of the pics I took in the SoundFest. I hope Big Bang’s and KPOP fans in general, who’ve been the subject of the Vietnamese society’s discussion and three news articles of TuoiTre News last week, would be delighted to see some of the photos I managed to take despite the distance (from the stage) and lack of know how. I also want to give my two cents on why Big Bang’s concert was a hit!

Vietnamese fans are not shy

The DJ cum English teacher, who did the main DJing act of last week’s Soundfest, talked to TuoiTre and described the Vietnamese audience ‘epic’. I couldn’t agree more! While I was taking photos, I noticed how people regardless the age, nationality and social strata expressed themselves and jammed with the performers. Literally every single soul stood up, grooved to the music the whole time BIG BANG was on stage. Many were singing along and a lot of teens couldn’t contain their emotions- crying, jumping, pushing each other & saying words of a foreign language! And a few fainted and needed to be extracted from the crowd, forcing the organizers to halt the South Korean band’s act.

KPOP music appeals to Asian ears

AMAZING! I thought. Whatever you call what KPOP industry produces, Asians like myself could recognize the beat, melody and even the message despite being not familiar with the language. I must admit ‘Fantastic Baby’ was a good beat too. This song brought many girls and some sort of boys shrieking of joy! What’s more surprising was the view of men in their 30s and 40s having the same reaction! When the audience couldn’t sing the song, they would copy the dance moves. Others were happy with just putting their hands up and jumping every now and then.

BIG BANG has a hug fan base in Vietnam

As soon as the group left, thousands in the crowd were seen finding the exits. I was among them as my curfew was 9PM. 🙂 So I was walking in a stream of fans marching like soldiers approaching the front! ‘Traffic jam’ lost its meaning that night- Ly Thuong Kiet and Luu Gia Streets froze for a couple of minutes as the Big Bang lovers called it a night and tried to find their way home. Later I learned many of them were actually trying to get an autograph and few went to the airport to catch a glimpse of their idols. Come Monday I figured, more than 30,000 people were in the same venue where I was that night. It was indeed the biggest music event in Vietnam and I’m proud to have witnessed most of it!

So much buzz on the web and in schools where teens go, Big Bang is coming to town, again in OCTOBER. I’m not sure if I’ll be there. Recently I’ve helped my kid do his ‘Sorry, Sorry’ dance routine. Before we know it- who knows-we’d be singing KPOP songs at home. So we’ll see. 🙂