By about this time tomorrow, fans of the ‘new age Back Street Boys’ group will have rocked and jammed with its hundreds (if not thousands) of fans in Ho Chi Minh City. The main act will be saved, of course, for the last and by that time, several artists-both local and international-will have performed in the 9-hour nonstop music festival sponsored by Coca Cola and Samsung.

Why (watch) BIG BANG?

Asked friends of about my age. “Well, they are the Back Street Boys in our time, the Bee Gees in my dad’s and the Beatles’ in my granddad’s” I replied. And as the elderly or shall we say, the mature ones had asked ‘Don’t you think their music is crap?’ and ‘Don’t they look gay?’, many expats and local grown ups echo such bias to this group. But whether you like them or not, the fact remains: KPOP continues to make waves in Asia!

Check out this Flash Mob made by the Big Bang fans in Hanoi, Vietnam:

And oh, don’t forget there’s Taio Cruz, the “Dynamite” singer who has won at least 8 prestigious music awards and sold at least 8million albums,  Kimberly Caldwell of American Idol 2003 and the international pop star Tata Young. If you don’t know them or at least the Brit one, you must not have heard of Lady Gaga too, who is not among the performers. The equally talented local artists are also paving the way. Suboi, Microwave,Phương Vy, Thảo Trang, Văn Mai Hương, Phạm Anh Khoa, Tiến Đạt, Hà Okio, Thanh Bùi, Bức Tường, and Unlimited will be there to complete the largest music event in Saigon this year!

Here’s the music video of Taio Cruz’s DYNAMITE:

So tomorrow’s not just a BANG! Expect for a BOOM!

See you at the Soundfest, guys! We’ll be posting photos after the event!