Few more days…

before Herdailydigest.com ‘s anniversary! Yay!
Here’s a quick bit about us: Blogging History
Our readers are the best in the world! Yes- YOU! You ask questions, you interact, you give your insights, you tell us we’re right, you tell us we’re wrong without being disagreeable and that for us is SUCCESS!
He was selling food on his bicycle
This means you get what we mean and because you’ve been regularly checking our posts, I believe you find our posts in any way interesting or useful.  With this, we are so inspired to better our content about our experiences, observations, and recommendations.
Here’s our surprise for you. (drum roll…)
Wait, we cannot give a token of Thank You to all the readers!
we can host a contest and see if you could be one of the lucky winners of
Competition Mechanics:
1. Answer the 3 questions:
    a. Which are your TOP 3 blog posts? Write the titles and give one reason for each of your choices.
    b.Which are your 3 favorite photos ? Write the titles and the date of posting.
    c. Which reader’s comment do you find the most interesting? Copy and paste it.
2. Write your answers on the COMMENTS portion which could be found after this post.

3. Deadline : 27 April, 2012  at 2pm. We will send emails to the winners on 1 May, 2012 at 2pm. (Vietnam time)

4. Earn 10 LIKES for your comments to qualify for the competition. Feel free to tell your friends about your comment which is, at the same time, your contest entry.

5. Prizes:

               2 winners of wheeled carry-on luggage

                5 winners of T-shirts
                5 winners of coffee mugs
Best of luck! 🙂