Non-stop shower in Saigon from around 10am till evening. We’d left for a stroll in D1 and hearing mass then came home at 6 but the lights went off 10 minutes later. Power came back but water didn’t run. Went on Twitter to check how the other District was doing and I’ve read some parts in District 1 had no electricity, and here in Phu My Hung, I could see outside my window houses with power fluctuations using candles or rechargeable lights.

We could hear the violent wind blow against buildings and trees. It had been exciting in the morning, you see, when rains rarely visit, that’s the usual feeling. We began feeling anxious when rain and wind made us feel their presence till the evening.

Woke up on a rare cool misty morning. It was a lovely atmosphere, feeling everything’s fresh and new. So far, no one tweeted or updated on Twitter and FB about people harmed – that’s the good news! Although as we went around our neighborhood this earlier, the typhoon, which came to Saigon as a tropical storm, has indeed destroyed our trees. Here are the scenes:

1. Here’s a scene on Nguyen Van Lin Street at 8am. A huge tree, about 40 ft tall, was uprooted and blocked the second car lane, a few meters from Cooptmart in Phu My Hung. Cleaning up must have started an hour earlier. A four-men team had to cut the branches manually and pile up the fresh hard wood to give way for motorists.





2. An even larger tree, was uprooted by the park near my kid’s school. The wreck immobilized a KIA Picanto (aka Morning)



3. A man single-handedly cutting cutting the branches and twigs of a canopy 5 times wider his size.

4. A tall tree snoring on a sedan with only the owner and his security staff trying to solve the case by themselves. A basketball board struggled to maintain its poise having been impacted by the oldie.





5. This mess summoned a crane at 8 last night. This intersection had been cleared but the lifeless part of the tree still lays by the traffic light- a witness of Pakhar’s violent strike.


6. At least 4 uprooted trees on My Phat Street where we used to live.




7. At least the trees at our favorite park, which is near the Crescent Mall and my kids’ school, are safe except for one but the damage isn’t as bad as those whose ground roots where covered by either metals or cement or both.



8. A school’s playground was no exception. School boys and girls will be saddened by this tomorrow. The trees have left enough damage on the area to remind everyone ‘Pakhar has been here’.



9. Time to get the streets cleaned up.


I hope all have been well in the part of the globe where you are right now. Happy Monday!

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