Dear Friends,

As a resident, I can’t help but notice the changes that take place in Saigon every year. There are new buildings being built up or old buildings being torn down. I like documenting these changes. I have taken and saved few photos in my hard drive. Who knows I might put them to good use after ten years.

If there is one thing that makes Saigon very dynamic, that is its beat. This is the music and noise that people and motorbikes make as they pass by static trees at the parks. Watching them is fun but nothing beats capturing Saigon Beats!

The smiling couple

The last photowalk I had was August 2011 : 49 Saigon Moments and I want to do it again this Saturday. My plan is for us (this is an invitation) to meet at 6.30 am in District 1 aka ‘downtown Saigon’, go around taking photos of anything that interests us. We’ll have breakfast around 8 then head home at 9. Come and join me! 🙂 This is my email address: It would be fun to meet new faces!

Oh, by the way, you can bring any camera that you have! It does not need to be a DSLR 🙂 I am uber excited! I’ll wait for your email. 🙂

Just arrived from his tripFamily TravelContrast: He's got a happy face on his hatShy girlEarly motorbike errands?Mr. Peace Sign with his Banh Mi (Vietnamese bread)
He was the friendliest this morningA thumb's up? Very positive! It was energizing.Do u think they lined up for a photo shoot?Morning exercisesThe Tourist Security on Le Lai St.School boy on a Sunday?
A footballer in SaigonThe smiling coupleShe was looking at JCA vendor across New World HotelSaigon smileThey were playing badminton
One of her teammatesThe badminton playerMom and baby on a sunny daySunday: a family dayKim checking his photos, Pj behind him- showing her shotsMorning read

Saigon Moments, a set on Flickr.

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Pj, Georg, Jc and Me. Kim took this photo (",) August 2011