Our Saturday tweets and photos for #IHeartVN

25 March 2012

@with2kidsintow  Our fave

@burigsmurimoo I LOVE CHICKEN RICE!!

@vietnamitasmad 1 of our fav

@jey_lin  I’ve many fave VN pics but I choose this one

@EkristBeautiful Hue!

@herdaildyigestOne sweet day in Halong Bay


31 March, 2012

@TrishaNicholson – Good morning! I found a few pics – of Hoi An

@lyraliza – Watching the sunset over Long Beach, Phu Quoc while drinking ca phe sua da

@itsEllieeexD – Ellie and David

Another girl in Hanoi flew to Malaysia to see him in 2009 so yeah :/ But I was the first one in VN that got a chance to see him backstage

@burigsmurimoo -Street drinking

@cblaguardia – Flowers everywhere from your friendly street hawker in #hanoi.

@cblaguardia– Wedding on the road. Spontaneity of refreshing scenery in Hanoi.

@kingceejay– Vietnamese teens have stylish greetings. Peace sign back home may mean ‘HI’ here.

Artwork by Trang

@patrizio_bui – Have you ever tried  espresso which is made from Vietnamese #coffee? This is Copen’s Bourbon Espresso

Join us next Saturday. Let’s share our wonderful moments in Vietnam through the photos. 🙂


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